A city with about 80,000 residents, Lake Forest primarily consists of a couple, large master planned communities. Two lakes exist in the Lake Forest around which custom homes and condominiums are built. The community has drawn a great many families because of its solid school systems and relatively low crime rate.

Life is generally pleasant on the streets of Lake Forest. However, as is the case with any community in Orange County, there are times when something happens that casts a cloud over the community. Once such occurrence was an attempted murder and suicide that occurred, involving a husband and wife on a quiet road in Lake Forest.

Tragedy in the Lives of a Lake Forest Couple in Their Golden Years

The day in Lake Forest started quite like any other. People rose and went to work. Children went to school. However, something was amiss, something went awry, in the home of a retired couple in the community. The couple was an 80-year old husband and a 68-year old wife.

Early in the morning, the man turned a gun on his wife and shot her three times. After shooting his wife, the man shot and killed himself.

911 was called, presumably by neighbors. Police and paramedics were dispatched to the scene of the shooting. The shooter was pronounced dead at the scene. However, the wife was alive and rushed to an area hospital.

The wife was fairly quickly stabilized when she arrived at the hospital. Ultimately, she did survive the shooting. Little discussion as had as to why the man desired to kill his wife and then took his own life.

Dealing With the Aftermath of the Attempted Murder and Suicide

The surviving spouse was left in a particularly horrific situation following the attempt on her life and the suicide of her husband. She was faced dealing with her own health issues arising from the shooting.

In addition, the surviving wife was faced with a myriad of emotional issues. These included trying to come to terms with the reality that her own husband wanted her dead. Although there may have been problems and issues leading up to the shooting, the emotional trauma of having her own husband shoot her is an incomprehensible turn of events.

Beyond these overwhelming matters, the wounded woman faced another unthinkable matter. When a violent event like attempted murder and suicide occurs in someone’s home, the owner of that resident is responsible for the cleanup. The police, the coroner, and no other governmental organization is responsible for this challenging task.  In this case, as hard as this is to comprehend, the woman whose own husband tried to kill her and then kill himself has the burden of getting the premises cleaned up.

The reality is that a person who’s lost a loved one via violent means in the home should not add to the emotional burden already being borne. Rather than even attempt cleaning up on his or her own, an individual in a position like that of this woman should reach out and retain the assistance of a professional biohazard cleanup company in Lake Forest.

A professional biohazard cleanup company in Lake Forest has the experience and materials necessary to ensure that a remediation project is undertaken thoroughly. In addition, a biohazard cleanup specialist can not only remediate such a situation effectively but also undertakes the task in a safe manner.

A violent physical assault, a suicide, or a homicide can result in the release of blood and bodily fluids that can contain dangerous pathogens. These pathogens can include:

  • HIV
  • MRSA
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C

These professionals also have the compassion necessary to work with families who’ve lost loved ones under very horrific circumstances. They also respect the privacy of people who end up in these types of unimaginable situations.

Professional Emotional Support for Traumatic Grief

If you’ve found yourself in a situation in which you’ve lost a loved one because of a suicide, homicide, or some other type of unexpected or untimely death, you may be facing challenges in the bereavement process. If that is the case, you are far from alone.

When dealing with grief following a traumatic event, you may want to consider seriously obtaining professional support and assistance. There is Lake Forest professional who assists people in overcoming traumatic grief and the challenges associated with the bereavement process. These seasoned therapists include:

South County Psychological, Inc.
23832 Rockfield Blvd, Suite 130
Lake Forest, California 92630
(949) 245-6733

Debra Woog
23591 El Toro Rd, Suite 163
Lake Forest, California 92630
(949) 347-5542

Bridgman Psychological Services
22772 Centre Drive, Suite 205
Lake Forest, California 92630
(949) 383-4025

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