Hoarding is described as a disorder that makes it hard for people to discard their possessions due to a need to save them. A person with this disorder gets distressed at the thought of disposing of their items. Thus, excessive accumulation of these items occurs. According to research, more than 5% of Lake Forest population suffers from hoarding disorder. According to experts, the number could be higher since people suffering from hoarding are secretive. 

Hoarder property cleanup is a complex chore. As the hoard increases, the procedure of taking or eliminating the clutter requires a professional cleanup company. The professionals come in handy when the hoard has some biohazardous material. Such material presents a grave hazard to the hoarder, the people involved in the cleanup and others. 

Signs of Hoarding

There are a set of signs that accompany hoarding. Most of these signs may exist in a specific case. 

  • Acquisition of items that you do not need or have a place to store
  • Finding it difficult to dispose items no matter their value
  • A pervasive need to save items and a feeling of anger at the idea of disposing of them
  • A buildup of items in the room to the point that the room becomes uninhabitable
  • The tendency of procrastination, avoidance and indecisiveness
  • Difficulties in planning and arranging your room

Scenarios That Lead to Hoarding Disorder

Hoarding, as a psychological disorder, is as a result of a scenario in a person’s life. The development of the disorder is as a result of a traumatic event on the life of the hoarder. After the event, the person suffers from mental health issues such as depression or anxiety. Frequent accumulation of items characterizes the onset of these two conditions. Most of these items lack any value. As more items are collected, the livable space becomes uninhabitable. 

Professional Assistance for Hoarder Property Cleanup in Lake Forest

Hoarding is a diverse psychological disorder. Thus, various professionals are required to address the disorder and lead the patient to a lasting recovery path. Hoarder property cleanup in Lake Forest requires the necessary expertise in addressing the aspects of the accumulated hoard. The remediation and all possible biohazards must be professionally removed from the premises. 

Levels of Hoarding

Hoarding is characterized into five different levels. The Clutter-Hoarding Scale is used, where four categories were used to outline the severity of clutter in the five levels.

Level I

Level I is a normal home environment. You can easily access all doors and stairways. However, there may be slight evidence of pet accidents. The room may have little clutter. There are no odors since sanitation is safe. To address the clutter issues, no professional assistance is required.

Level II

Level II in the Clutter-Hoarding Scale characterizes a home where at least one exit is blocked. Either the AC or the heater has broken down and may not have worked for more than six months. There are pet odor and waste in the house as evidence of limited care for the pets. 

There is evidence of insects in the home. Moreover, two rooms in the house cannot be used due to increased clutter. There is slight evidence of home cleaning. Food preparation surfaces are unhealthy, and the garbage cans are overflowing. Professionals with a background of working with chronic disorganization are needed.

Level III

 The level III hoarder is characterized by clutter outside the house. The house has just one or two functioning appliances. The extension cords in the house are used in an unsafe manner. The premise might have one to three animals exceeding the limit created by the Human Society. Birdcages and aquariums are unmaintained. 

Rodent droppings and evidence of infestation are evident. It is likely to find fleas in the residence. Due to the excess clutter, one or two bedrooms are unsafe, and the hallways are constricted. When the hoard in a house is level III, you might find the following hazardous materials

  • Broken glass
  • Biohazardous products
  • Spilled chemicals

From the look of the house, it is evident that it has been untidy for a long period. Accumulated dust has soiled the floor and other surfaces.

To effectively remediate such a home, consult professionals skilled in the type of hoard cleaning. The hoarding cleanup can include an array of professionals. Particularly, mental health professionals are required. 

Level IV

By the time hoard is classified as level IV, the house is suffering from structural damage. Mold and mildew can be spotted in various parts of the residence. Sewer leaks and electrical hazards are a problem. The premises have more than four animals, and pet dander and droppings are all over the house. 

The is evidence of world animals such as bats and squirrels living in the residence. The occupants are unable to use the bedrooms due to the increased clutter. The dishes are dirty, and the kitchen has rotting food. 

A team of professionals need to coordinate and address the hoarder and issues related to them. Most probably, there are issues affecting the hoarder such as 

  • Financial issues
  • Psychological issues
  • Medical issues

A professional hoarder clean up team needs to make the premises habitable. The hoarder’s family and friends need to be involved too. 

Level V

When hoarding reaches this level, no one can live in the house. Apart from the structural damage, the premises lack a sewer line, power and water. Insects and rodents infest the property. There is no sleeping space in the house, and the kitchen and bathrooms cannot be used. 

The hoarder needs help from various sources. The hoarder property cleanup team needs to be organized to address the situation entirely. Financial professionals, a medical team, psychologists and family members need to be involved.

If you or a family member has this psychological disorder, you may get overwhelmed at the thought of cleaning your home. Your house needs to be restored and made livable. At Eco Bear, we provide you with a comprehensive and compassionate hoarder property clean up. Contact us today to get a quote.