The Los Angeles Times reports that LA tops the nation when it comes to the population of chronically homeless men, women, and children. According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Los Angeles city not only has the most chronically homeless population in the nation, two-thirds of these people are on the street. With each passing month, an ever increase number of homeless people in LA are congregating in homeless encampments.

A homeless encampment is defined as a congregation of more than one homeless person of family. A homeless encampment can even consist over 100 people. In Los Angeles county, homeless encampments are found across the city, in all types of neighborhoods.

Different types of biohazardous materials are found at homeless encampments and are left behind when a homeless encampment uproots. These include dangerous pathogens that can threaten the health, and even the life, of individuals exposed to these bacteria and viruses. The biohazard cleanup in Los Angeles, CA services offered by the team at Eco Bear includes homeless encampment remediation.

One of the primary problems associated with homeless encampments is the presence biohazardous materials. These include the full spectrum of bodily fluids and waste, but also dangers items like needles and other sharps.

Los Angeles maintains permanent collection centers for sharps, and other hazardous (but not biohazardous) materials. Sharps represent the only potentially biohazardous materials that can be directly “turned in” by a member of the public. The directory of permanent collection centers can be accessed online at: Los Angeles Permanent Collection Centers.

Throughout the year, there are collection events of different types. A directory of upcoming collection events can be obtained online at: Los Angeles Collection Events. You can also sign up for notifications of upcoming collection events through this link.