Violent crimes leave behind a great deal of devastation. When you or your loved one are the victim of a violent crime, you don’t need anything else to deal with as you try to recover. You may be grieving, handling funeral arrangements, speaking with lawyers and trying to figure out how to manage with the new reality. Cleaning a crime scene requires special skills, training, cleaning agents and equipment so that the area is safe, sanitary and free of odors. Eco Bear is an experienced crime scene cleanup company offering affordable services in Lynwood, CA, and the surrounding area. As a women- and veteran-led company, we provide you with reliable services that you can count on during this emotionally, mentally and physically difficult time in your life.

What a Violent Crime Is

The FBI defines violent crimes to be criminal activities that involve force or the threat of force. Rape, robbery, aggravated assault, non-negligent manslaughter and homicide are the five main categories of violent crimes. These crimes often result in serious injuries. In some cases, people die as a result of the violent crimes committed against them. 

What a Crime Scene Is

A crime scene is the place where the criminal activity took place. This could be a single-family home, apartment, backyard, workplace, store, parking lot or any other place. Eco Bear specializes in crime scene cleanup on private property. We clean crime scenes on industrial, commercial and residential properties in Lynwood. Some of the people we help include:

  • Homeowners who survive a violent crime
  • Family members of deceased violent crime victims
  • Property owners and managers of homes or apartments where a violent crime was committed
  • Business owners and commercial property managers

A crime scene may be indoors, outdoors or both. It could be in just one room, such as a living room, or it could involve several rooms or even an entire home. When violent crimes take place in a business setting, there may be blood, body fluids or tissue in common areas, offices and areas accessible to the public. Our skilled team of Eco Bear cleaners is familiar with all of the environments where a violent crime could occur. We have the proper skills and training to thoroughly clean and remediate any type of crime scene.

Types of Hazards at a Crime Scene

When force is used against the human body, people experience severe or even deadly injuries. The force may cause extensive bleeding or loss of body fluids. Some types of force cause tissue to separate from the body and splatter across the crime scene. The victim’s blood and body fluids may be combined with those of the person who committed the violent crime. Even if you know your loved one’s health status, there’s no way for you to know if the perpetrator was carrying an infectious disease. Some of the pathogens that may be present in blood and body fluids at a crime scene are:

  • Hepatitis B and C
  • Tuberculosis
  • HIV
  • C. diff
  • MRSA

Bacteria and viruses aren’t the only hazards at a crime scene. Law enforcement and forensics specialists may use chemicals while collecting evidence. These chemicals may be dangerous if they come into contact with your eyes, nose, throat or skin. Crime scenes may include shrapnel, broken glass, shards of wood and other hazards.

When a Crime Scene Cleanup Service Is Needed

If the crime scene wasn’t found for a few days, and your loved one passed away, their blood and body fluids may have seeped into all nearby surfaces, including sub-flooring, plywood, drywall, trim, baseboards and insulation. The breakdown of blood, body fluids and tissue creates foul odors that may make you ill. It’s not possible to clean a days-old crime scene without extensive training and proper personal protective equipment (PPE). 

All crime scenes require the use of hospital-grade disinfectants, PPE and special disposal methods for items contaminated by blood and body fluids. Most people don’t have the training, equipment, supplies and skills to do this safely. While you might be able to clean your kitchen after accidentally cutting yourself with a chef’s knife, it’s not a good idea to clean the scene of a violent crime.

How Eco Bear’s Crime Scene Cleanup Services Work

When a violent crime is reported to the police, they arrive and begin an investigation. They might call in forensics experts or other professionals. Once they’re done collecting evidence and investigating the violent crime, they release the site back to you. At that time, we’re able to conduct an inspection. We’ll provide you with a written estimate and plan. We document the work and provide you with information for insurance purposes.

We use a multi-step crime scene cleanup process. We start with the cleanup of items that weren’t exposed to blood or body fluids. We then sanitize areas and remove chemical residue. The next step is disinfection, which includes removing contaminated items and using hospital-grade cleaning agents. The last step is restoration, which usually includes ozone generators or other systems for odor elimination. The process takes a few days. When we finish, there will be no stains, odors or traces of the violent crime.

Why Eco Bear Is the Right Crime Scene Cleanup Company for You

We understand that you may want to get back into your home or office after a violent crime occurs. Our rapid response and completion time means you won’t have to wait long. We’re licensed and bonded for complete crime scene cleanup in California. Your safety and trust are our top priorities. We respect your privacy and maintain confidentiality. Each member of our experienced Lynwood crime scene cleanup team treats you with compassion and respect during every interaction.