Lynwood is a community with about 70,000 residents. About 70 percent of the households in Lynwood have children under the age of 18. The city is known for solid schools and a relatively low crime rate. These are a couple of the primary reasons why Lynwood is attractive to growing families and others.

Despite the overall moderate crime rate in Lynwood, there have been events that shocked and even shook the community. Some of these events have been associated with the suicides of residents of Lynwood.

Suicides in Lynwood

Any suicide is tragic. One suicide in Lynwood has accompanying circumstances that are utterly horrific. The case involved a 33-year old woman killed herself while jailed in Lynwood. Authorities would only state she took her own life by asphyxia. They provided no further details. However, because of the underlying reason she died, odds are that hung herself.

Although the jailhouse death is troubling, what brought this woman to jail was horrifying. The mother was in jail on charges of killing her 1- and 5-year old daughters. Evidence suggested that she drowned her own children at their home while the girls’ father was not at home. The underlying motivation for killing her children was not ascertained or released by law enforcement in the direct aftermath of the horrific event.

The girls’ father was the person who discovered the now-jailed woman and the girls at home. When he arrived home, he found his daughters naked, wet, and unresponsive on the floor. The mother was also wet. Stating that the father’s life was forever altered in an unimaginable way represents something of an understatement.

The youngest daughter was declared dead at the scene. The oldest daughter lived for about a week longer, on life support. When the decision was made to remove life support, the oldest daughter passed away.

Another case of suicide in Lynwood involved another woman. In this second case, no other people lost their lives.

Police was called to a Lynwood park. Upon arrival, law enforcement discovered a woman hanging from a tree. The death was classified as a suicide.

California Department of Mental Health Office of Suicide Prevention Fact Sheet

The California Department of Mental Health Office of Suicide Prevention has developed a comprehensive Fact Sheet that can of helpful to residents of Lynwood who have a person in their lives that are contemplating suicide. The Fact Sheet is also designed for individuals who are laboring under suicidal thoughts or ideations.

In addition to providing essential information about suicide, the Fact Sheet lays out a variety of

resources for individuals impacted in one way or another by a person contemplating suicide.

Lynwood Suicide Prevention Resources

There are a number of resources that can make local referrals for individuals in need of suicide prevention support and assistance. These include:

NAMI California
(916) 567-0163

California Mental Health Service Authority
(916) 859-4827

AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention)
(707) 968-7563

Lynwood Survivors of Suicide Resources

There are resources for people in Lynwood suffering from grief and bereavement issues. These include one-on-one counseling and therapy:

Ercell H Hoffman
(310) 631-5991

There is also a mental health center that provides Lynwood residents with a wide array of different support services. This includes grief support groups, counseling, and psychiatric services.

John Wesley Mental Health Center

3591 East Imperial Highway
Lynwood, CA 90262
(213) 221-9065

These professional resources also can assist in addressing traumatic grief. Traumatic grief is defined as:

Traumatic grief is the bereavement profession’s way of defining grief thoughts and reactions that are more traumatic, and consequently challenging than those generally suffered after a bereavement, and which last longer than two months. A sudden bereavement is more likely to result in traumatic grief reactions than an expected bereavement.

Lynwood Suicide Cleanup

Two of the most common ways in which Lynwood residents have been known to take their lives are through the use of a firearm or a knife. When these instruments are used in suicide, the aftermath includes a suicide cleanup process that involves the blood and bodily fluids.

The reality is that blood and bodily fluids can contain dangerous biohazards in some cases. If a person is not properly protected and attempts a suicide cleanup on his or her own, he or she can end up exposed to dangerous pathogens that can result in serious and even fatal disease.

A suicide cleanup professional understands the process to safely and completely undertake what technically is known as biohazard remediation. The ultimate objective is to restore a Lynwood residence, business, or other location to a completely usable condition.

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