Lynwood California is an area that gave birth to many of today’s most prominent citizens and celebrities. Oscar-winning director Kevin Costner, musician Weird Al Yankovic, and Taco Bell founder Glen Bell all once called Lynwood home. A city situated to the south and west of the San Bernardino mountains, Lynwood is also home to some of nature’s most beautiful sights. Lynwood Park is a gorgeous local park for both sports and recreation. 71,350 people call Lynwood their city today.

Everything isn’t all sunshine, though. Lynwood also has a prominent homeless person population that in recent years also made their home here. Homeless encampments rife with biohazards clutter alleys and sidewalks in a series of “tent cities” that are tragically visible to people in Lynwood. Homelessness itself has diverse roots. Causes of homelessness usually trace back to mental health issues or substance abuse, but there are also people who recently just lost a job and found themselves with nowhere to go. Previously, they were productive and thriving; now they call a tent city home.

Lynwood Homeless Encampment Cleanup

If you live in the Lynwood area, you’ve likely heard of Eco Bear. We’re a highly specialized biohazard cleanup company that attacks dangerous environmental conditions in our city and then carefully sanitizes those areas so that people are safe to occupy again. Eco Bear is the biohazard cleanup company with a plan. People are always at the heart of every cleanup we do. We work with and for the good of people.

Our Strategy

  • We analyze homeless encampments and take inventory of their biohazards
  • Work with local and state government agencies to make sure that the people of these camps are safely relocated before cleanup begins
  • Cooperate as a team for the community to make sure that our plan gets results
  • Go to work removing the hazardous materials from the encampment
  • Sanitize and beautify the former encampment so that it is an asset to Lynwood again

How We Accomplish Our Goals

Eco Bear began its service to Lynwood because our owners wanted to make a positive difference in this world. A family-owned business often has an origin story that lets you understand a more unique value they bring to their industry. For example, when our co-owner Raymond Magno was a young boy, he tragically found his father dead in their home’s bathroom. What he saw that day forever impacted who he was as a person. Instead of letting the experience defeat him, though, he decided to create Eco Bear as a way of helping others clean up the world around them. It’s a tribute to his father and a blessing to the community of Lynwood to have this caring, kind, and knowledgeable man cleaning up our streets.

Because of Eco Bear’s very personal origin story, it’s natural that our prices are – on average – 50% lower than competitor’s pricing. Fairness was at the heart of what Raymond Magno and Emily Kil wanted to strive for when they created Eco Bear. They’ve succeeded, managing to run a very efficient, clear-headed operation so that people, businesses, and organizations are able to benefit from cleanup without having to pay too much during the process.

How We Clean Up Homeless Encampments

Homeless encampments sometimes have as many as 100 homeless people occupying them. They are casually called a “tent city” and contain the physical remnants of daily life, all laid out in an open space in a dangerous organization of contaminants. To the people who live in these encampments, their possessions may just be possessions, but to people who come into contact with those objects, it can be a place rife with disease and danger.

Imagine up to 100 people living in an open, small space. You might find:

  • Clothing
  • Shopping carts
  • Shoes
  • Blood
  • Sweat
  • Needles
  • Human and animal feces
  • Animal carucusses
  • Saliva

It is not unusual to find several dead animals within a homeless encampment. The homeless are people just like the rest of us, and we understand that they love their pets. However, when there’s no place to dispose of the deceased pet, it simply sits out in the son, becoming more and more contaminated every day and potentially spreading disease to both the homeless and others who pass by the camp.

Let Us Clean Up Your Lynwood Homeless Encampment

We work with governments, businesses, and individual home owners to clean up homeless encampments in our city. It’s our honor to do so. The team here carefully plans out every cleaning project so that we clear out trash and waste, sanitize the area with industrial grade deodorizers and sanitary cleaners, and then of course, restore your area to its original cleanliness and beauty. Because of our personal background in beginning Eco Bear, we know just how traumatic and sometimes upsetting some cleanups can be. Our personal experiences with trauma and biohazard scenes make us uniquely qualified to understand the human element of homeless encampment clean up. Let us do a great job for you. 

Have questions for us? Make sure you get in contact with a member of our team as soon as possible. We’ll be happy to help answer questions or schedule your encampment cleanup. Be sure to ask about any special rates we might have for the Lynwood area as well. We often run discounts that help to make our already affordable services even more affordable. We look forward to helping to clean up your encampment and replace it with a more beautiful area in Lynwood.