Menifee is a newer city, incorporated in just 2008. It is known for the beautiful views of the San Bernadino mountains and for its quiet, friendly culture. The people of Menifee have always banded together in times of need, but they are facing one of the greatest threats yet as the novel coronavirus spreads through their city.

The city has declared a state of emergency over the pandemic, and citizens are hunkering down in their homes due to an order by the state to shelter-in-place.

With infections already popping up in Menifee itself, many people are taking dramatic steps to stop the spread of the virus, including hiring cleaning companies that specialize in infectious diseases to clean buildings thought to be contaminated. One Menifee Cleaning Company, Eco Bear, is using its experience with infectious disease cleanups to help these businesses and family homes receive affordable biohazard remediation should they need it.

Why COVID-19 Is Such a Threat

In an attempt to reassure others, some have compared the deaths caused by coronavirus to the seasonal flu. The problem with this comparison is that they are not the same. While many people have some level of immunity to various strains of the influenza virus, almost no one has immunity to the novel coronavirus.

Because just a handful of people have immunity to COVID-19, far more people are susceptible to catching it, and they are doing so all at once. While only 20% of cases require hospitalization, that means potentially millions of people will swarm hospitals and overwhelm their ability to care for everyone.

When hospitals become overwhelmed, they have to make difficult decisions about who gets available ventilators—which means people may die that otherwise wouldn’t.

That’s why staying at home, washing hands, and doing our best to avoid getting sick is so important.

Eco Bear’s Role in Stopping the Spread

COVID-19 is highly infectious. It can be spread when a person is asymptomatic, and also through contact with contaminated surfaces. An infected person can shed the virus long before they start to feel ill, and the virus can live for days on certain types of surfaces. 

When a building has been contaminated with the virus, especially a public building or store with many people passing through, it’s easy to spread the virus to many different people. The only way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to have the building professionally cleaned by someone who has the skill, experience, and equipment to remove the virus completely.

If you know that your residence, place of work, or other building has been contaminated by COVID-19, the best solution is to evacuate the building and have it completely disinfected.

Eco Bear has years of experience disinfecting buildings of infectious diseases. They have the experience and the tools to handle the situation.

Eco-Bear is woman-owned, veteran-led, and available any time of day or night to get your Menifee COVID-19 clean up done.