Menifee is one of the newest cities in Riverside County, having been incorporated a decade ago. Early development in what became Menifee started in the 1960s with Sun City, modeled after an active retirement community in Arizona of the same name. Sun City remains a thriving area in the heart of Menifee. Indeed, Menifee has a population of retirees that is above the average found in other communities in Riverside County.

The city is served by a pair of award-winning school districts. In addition, Menifee enjoys an average crime rate when contrasted with other municipalities in the county and with the rate across the United States more generally.

Double Murder Shocks Menifee

As mentioned, Menifee does have a crime rate comparable to Riverside County and national averages. This matches the rate of violent crimes, including homicides. Homicides do happen in Menifee, many stemming from domestic situations and fights. Multiple homicides are not particularly commonplace in Menifee.

A double homicide caused a considerable degree of alarm in Menifee. The main reason why residents of the city were on edge because of this case stemmed from the fact that the perpetrator was on the lam for a more extended period of time. Although the murders occurred in Menifee, the perpetrator was thought to be a resident of Mecca, a 39-year old man named Jesus Sanchez Ponce.

Riverside County Sheriff deputies responded to a reported shooting at about 11:00 p.m. In fact, they were alerted to the situation as a result of a 911 call in which the caller stated there was some type of unknown disturbance at what would turn out to be the location of the murders.

Upon arriving at the scene, deputies found two deceased adult males. They were identified as Latinos and had been killed with a firearm. The Riverside Coroner joined the deputies in investigating the crime scene. The Coroner also removed the bodies for forensic examinations and autopsies.

Law enforcement did not immediately advise the public of the names of the deceased individuals because the deputies wanted to notify family members. The deputies also balked at providing information on what they believed was the connection between the perpetrator and the murdered men.

Ponce was said to have fled the scene in a tan colored automobile. Ultimately, investigators identified a man who was hiding Ponce after the killings. That man was arrested and charged with crimes stemming from his harboring of a dangerous fugitive. Even after this arrest was made, the whereabouts of Ponce remained unknown. Law enforcement advised the public at large, including the residents of Menifee, that the perpetrator of these killings was to be considered armed and dangerous.

The Aftermath of a Violent Incident and Biohazard Cleanup in Menifee

Once the Coroner completes its forensics work and autopsy on the remains of a person who dies some type of violent or “unnatural” death the body is released to the immediate family. Such was the case with the two men murdered in Menifee.

Typically, the examination of the remains by the Coroner takes between 24 to 48 hours. When the forensic examination and autopsy is completed, a family has 72 hours to claim the remains. They can request an extension of time from the Coroner.

Typically, a family makes arrangements with a Menifee funeral home who transports the remains to the funeral home and then undertake the preparation of the body for a funeral or memorial service.

In addition to dealing with all aspects of a funeral and burial, a family that lost a loved one through a violent incident oftentimes must also deal with cleaning up the death scene. These individuals are already bearing unimaginable grief. Personally undertaking the task of cleaning up the death scene can make the bereavement process overwhelming.

Families in this type of situation have the ability to retain the professional services of a biohazard cleanup in Menifee professional. A biohazard cleanup in Menifee specialist has the experience, equipment, and tools necessary to safely and completely remediate a potentially biohazardous scene associated with a death like a homicide, suicide, accident, or some other traumatic situation.

Menifee Grief Therapy

People grieving the loss of a loved one by homicide, suicide, or some other sudden and traumatic death typically benefit significantly from engaging the services of an experienced, compassionate Menifee grief therapist. Options for support include individual grief therapy and group grief therapy. Menifee grief therapists include:

Miranda Trigueros-Thurston
27851 Bradley Road, Suite 110
Menifee, California 92586
(951) 307-1756

LLG Counseling & Life Coaching
Menifee, California 92584
(951) 425-4816

Darien Elaine Dabe
Menifee, California 92584
(903) 206-2426

Serenity Psychological Services
27186 Newport Road, Suite D1
Menifee, California 92584
(949) 247-8182

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