While homelessness is a problem that results from a variety of societal issues, other problems can arise when several homeless people squat in a single space. Unfortunately, the problems with homeless encampments in Menifee, California tend to be riskier and more comprehensive than a single person should have to tackle.

Problems That Start With Homeless Encampments

There are a variety of social ills that come from an active homeless encampment.

  • The area develops a reputation for public drunkenness.
  • The people are more likely to loiter about, engage in drug deals, prostitution or even panhandle near the encampment.
  • Some homeless people do a poor job at theft and will attempt to shoplift within walking distance of their encampment.
  • The homeless can also be dealing with all sorts of mental disorders that can unnerve people living in close proximity to an encampment.

When an encampment becomes known and is near a particular facility, especially a public space like a park, it tends to cause people to visit that area far less frequently. Clearing out encampments is the second step to getting things back to normal; the first step is to make sure the homeless people have been relocated, find assistance with a shelter or are otherwise helped by another charitable organization.

Why Seek Out a Homeless Encampment Cleaning Company in Menifee, California?

There are two major reasons why you should resort to contacting a company to clean up a vacated homeless encampment.

  1. Resources
  2. Experience

These people have access to the manpower, equipment and cleaning equipment ideal for purging an area of any trace of its former status as a homeless encampment. They also know what they are doing and how best to tackle a scenario. One overeager citizen’s attempt to collect discarded tarps can quickly turn into a brush with tetanus or even Hepatitis C by grazing their foot against some abandoned needles or rusty metal tools.

Anyone who works for a homeless encampment cleaning company in Menifee, California understands the potential risks of blindly going about the area. These professionals will then seek to gain a better understanding of the specific encampment by asking questions.

  • “What sort of people used this place?”
  • “Do you know if drug use was ever reported by the campers?”
  • “How recently did the campers leave?”
  • “Were there any reports of animals?”

The more information that a cleaner can glean from you and other parties living near the encampment, the better he can combine it with his training to purify the area in an optimal manner.

What Are the Risks of Tackling an Encampment by Yourself

If you think you are better off cleaning an encampment, especially one known as a habitat for more than three or four people, than any one affiliated with a homeless encampment cleaning company in Menifee, California, you had best be prepared to deal with any or all of these hazards.

  • Potential exposure to used syringes or other drug equipment known to be a biohazard.
  • Encountering the remnants of a drug lab.
  • Rabid animals.
  • Diseased animals like rats.
  • Stumbling upon a dangerous straggler who may react poorly to your perceived trespass upon the encampment.
  • Human waste left in either a container or simply a few spots around the area.
  • Shards of shattered glass from liquor bottles that may contain biohazards on their surfaces.
  • Fire hazards, especially around wintertime.
  • Cannibalized electrical or mechanical equipment, especially if said items are known to house salable components like copper wiring.
  • Booby traps. While rare, it is not out of the realm of possibility for some vindictive homeless people to set a dangerous trap to spite people who disrupted the way they were living.

There Is No One Approach

Not all homeless encampments are the same and any homeless encampment cleaning company in Menifee, California recognizes this fact Sometimes a particular encampment is relatively easy to discern, create a plan and execute a full and proper cleansing. Sometimes an encampment is in the backwoods become the homeless campers sought to hide away from human eyes.

What’s more is that sometimes an encampment is actually a situation that overlaps with squatters. Squatters are people who find an abandoned property, like a house, and decide that enough time has passed without anyone claiming it that the squatters can legally claim the property as theirs. “Squatter’s rights” have a limited purview and any violation of the squatter’s responsibility forfeits their claim to the property. In most cases, the squatters are eventually driven off the property, either by choice or through intimidation. When it comes to situations where where a homeless encampment is anything like an abandoned building claimed by squatters, any expertise in cleaning up a homeless encampment overlaps with the sort of knowledge a person might have from cleaning out the homes of a hoarders.

In Conclusion

If you know that there is a homeless encampment near you and that anyone who chose to camp out there has been chased away or otherwise leaves said encampment unoccupied, there is a good chance that the area still needs to be cleaned out. Rather than risk any sort of potential injury to yourself or to anyone willing to lend a hand in cleaning out an encampment, the best call is to contact a homeless encampment cleaning company in Menifee, California. These professionals have all of the kit, know-how and manpower to tackle any sort of situation. All you need to provide is information on the area.