Midway City is an Orange County community with about 8,500 residents. Midway City consists of a significant number of residences that were constructed in the 1950s and are still standing today. The community has two relatively large mobile home parks as well.

Up until very recently, Midway City had become home to a notable number of senior citizens, oftentimes people who purchased their homes in the community in the 1950s or 1960s. In addition, there also has been a fairly significant number of people in Midway City of more moderate income.

In the past couple of years, what might best be described as the beginning of gentrification has begun in Midway City. At this time, gentrification in the community primarily exists of younger adults purchasing existing homes and scraping the lots for new construction. In some other situations, these younger individuals are buying existing residences and building additions to them.

Perhaps one of Midway City’s most significant claims to fame is the fact that it is the community in which popular actress Michelle Pfeiffer spent her childhood.

Unattended Death in Midway City

One of the alarming and recurring problems that occur in a community with a higher population of senior citizens is what technically is known as unattended deaths. Midway City is such a community with a larger number of senior citizen residents that a good deal of Orange County. It is a community that must deal with unattended deaths with some frequency.

An unattended death is one in which a person dies without anyone present at the time of the passing. In addition, the body of the deceased individual is not found for what can be an extended period of time. There have been cases of unattended deaths in Midway City in which the bodies were not found for a number of days, weeks, or even longer.

The most commonplace types of unattended deaths in Midway City are:

  • Accidents
  • Natural Causes
  • Diseases
  • Suicides
  • Homicides
  • Accidental medication overdoses

Both the homicide and suicide rates are not significant in Midway City, largely due to the fact that it has a small population. Most unattended deaths are attributed to accidents, natural causes, and diseases.

A sad and difficult reality of life in the 21st century is that a number of older people do not have regular or consistent contact with family members, friends, or anyone else. In other words, these individuals live fairly isolated lived in their homes. As a result, because of this lack of regular contact, an older person living alone can die and the passing may now become known for what may prove to be a longer period of time.

Unattended Death and the Human Decomposition Process

An unattended death is tragic in and of itself. The situation becomes even more challenging, including on an emotional level for family members and others, because of the reality of the human decomposition process.

The decomposition process commences directly upon an individual’s death. The process can only be interrupted (at least to some degree) via refrigeration, embalming, or cremation of the remains.

The decomposition process initially results from bacteria that is present in any human being attacking the organs of the body when blood ceases to flow upon death. Within a couple of days, the decomposition process has a noticeable effect on a body. The skin starts to change color, moving from a greenish hue to purple and ultimately to black. In addition, a significant number of different types of gases begin to discharge from a body.

Fluids begin to seep from existing openings in the remains. Within about a week, perhaps a bit longer, the skin begins to break down to the point that fluids begin to flow from tears and openings in the skin.

These fluids and gases can contain what are known as dangerous pathogens. These include viruses and bacteria that can cause serious and even fatal diseases in other people.

Professional Biohazard Cleanup in Midway City

Due to the dangers potentially presented by blood, bodily fluids, and other substances, in the aftermath of an unattended death, retaining the services of a biohazard cleanup specialist is recommended. A professional ensures that the biohazard remediation process is safely and thoroughly undertaken.

In addition, when a family member is left to address an unattended death, homicide, suicide, or some other traumatic passing, that individual already faces a challenging and virtually overwhelming grief process. Those emotions need not be aggravated by personally undertaking a post-death cleanup process.

Midway City Grief Therapists

There are no grief therapists or counselors immediately in Midway City. With that said, there is a myriad of grief therapists and counselors in communities in close proximity to Midway City. Orange County Behavioral Health at www.ochealthinfo.com/bhs or (855) 886-5400 is a good starting point when seeking professional assistance from a Midway City grief therapist.

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