All humans have possessions. Sometimes they are necessary for everyday life, sometimes they add entertainment to our life, and many times these possessions become intertwined with our sentimentality (for example, an old coloring that our child might have given to us). It’s normal to keep some possessions for life. Hoarding goes beyond retaining objects for sentimentality or necessity. Not every hoarder keeps everything they come to possess, but every level of hoarding involves a person who keeps too many things around them. 

The psychology of hoarding is something that scientists have been trying to understand for years. Two components are clear in hoarding behavior: obsession and compulsion. Hoarders are obsessed with their possessions and have a compulsion to keep them, even if unsanitary living conditions come about and even when presented with evidence that it would be better to throw something out. You might casually call hoarding the compulsion to possess too many things, even at the expense of physical safety and well-being.

Eco Bear’s Dedication To Hoarder Property Cleanup

High level hoarding situations are part of our biohazard cleanup duties here at Eco Bear. Hoarders often keep toxic items (such as rotting food or even animal carcasses that they fail to dispose of) and so those “possessions” quickly become biohazards that are a danger to the hoarder themselves and any family who might come into their home.

There are five levels of hoarding that have been classified by the National Study Group on Chronic Disorganzation:

  • I. Clutter-hoarding
  • II. Clutter-hoarding with one exist blocked
  • III. Clutter-hoarding that becomes visible on the exterior of the home
  • IV. Clutter-hoarding with structural damage to the hold, mold, mildew, electrical, and even sewer hazards
  • V. Nearly unlivable with structural damage, many or all exits blocked, no sewer, water, power, and many biohazards within the home

Level V hoarding situations are the most dangerous of these classifications and will always call for the services of a professional biohazard cleanup service. In many cases, you’ll find extremely dangerous items like used syringes, feces (both animal and even human), and blood. 

Compassionate Hoarder Property Cleanup

Any biohazard cleanup service can adequately take care of a hoarding situation, but Eco Bear doesn’t want to just provide adequate service. We offer more than our competitors by giving you extensive hoarder property cleanup with two things not many other services have:

  1. Compassionate and non-judgmental cleanup
  2. Fair pricing

When Eco Bear was founded, it was founded on the principle that people who need biohazard cleanup, especially private home owners who have gone through or are going through something dramatic, shouldn’t have to overpay for the service they get. Hoarder situations are almost always tragic. We either work with a hoarder themselves who is doing a very strong and courageous thing by paying for cleanup, or we work with a family of a hoarder who has passed away. These cleanups require a unique sensitivity that’s in tune with and respectful of the job we’re asked to do. Yes, we get paid, but we also work for people who need fair pricing so that they can better their lives and situations. 

Eco Bear does its part by making sure that we make good choices in our own business. We buy the best equipment, but we buy in bulk or at times when we get better prices. We are efficient with our money and never overspend so that none of our customers ever have to overpay.

How Our Process Works

When we first enter a hoarder home or commercial property, we’ll assess the situation and classify the level of hoarding that’s present. What level we classify the property at will help us know what equipment and tools to bring for the job. If there is a Level V hoarder situation, we often must bring biohazard PPE and equipment. If it’s a Level I hoarder situation, we might just need storage bags and bins, industrial grade cleaners, and things like mops and cleaning bins. 

To perform a hoarder property cleanup we:

  • Assess
  • Plan
  • Perform

A good overview of a hoarder property, a list of all the things we must do, and sound communication between team members enables us to work more thoroughly and quickly than our competitors. A good plan is worth a lot during a hoarder property cleanup. Because we maintain a friendly work environment where our experts are able to be themselves and exercise their own freedoms, we know that each team we send in is going to do the best job possible and provide courteous, understanding service to our clients.

Bringing the right tools to the job is always important, so Eco Bear frequently upgrades its equipment and adds new tools to our toolbox when we think it will make hoarder property cleanup more successful and efficient. You can count on us to bring ultra modern equipment, disinfectants, and deodorizers that have been proven to work.

Get in Touch With Eco Bear

We’re proud to serve the Midway City area with prompt, courteous biohazard cleanup services. As the years have gone by and our business has aged, we’ve got to know many people in this area very well. The community we serve is vitally important to us, and we hope that we’re important to the community as well. Good communication is essential to hoarder property cleanup. Our clients must be free to tell us the work they need without feeling ashamed, and we need to always let our clients know what our game plan and up front pricing is. If you need to schedule a hoarder property cleanup in Midway City, please contact us when it’s right for you. The team here will be happy to sit down with you and discuss your needs at a time that fits into your schedule and decisions.