Montebello, California has a population of about 64,000 residents and is located a short distance from downtown Los Angeles. Almost half of the homes in Montebello have children under the age of 18.

The city is lined with bike paths and an array of recreational facilities. These typically are enjoyed by residents of Montebello from all walks of life. Unfortunately, every once in a while, something tragic happens on one of the popular bike paths running through the city. For example, in early 2018, the remains of a 37-year old man were found along a Montebello bike path.

When the Montebello Police Department officers arrived at the scene, they immediately ruled out foul play. The deceased man had a pistol in one hand and had been shot in the head. The LA County Coroner confirmed that the cause of death was suicide.

Suicides in Montebello do sometimes happen in public spaces like the bike path. However, a considerable percentage of suicides in the city occur in homes. The most common caused of suicide in Montebello are:

  • Guns
  • Knives
  • Drugs
  • Hanging

Suicide Cleanup in Case of Gun or Knife

By design, suicide by gun or knife results in significant bleeding. When this type of suicide occurs, the aftermath involves the necessity to clean up blood and bodily fluids.

The people left behind after a loved one takes his or her life are left with the task of suicide cleanup. In fact, people in this position best protect their physical and emotional wellbeing by not undertaking suicide cleanup on their own.

Whenever blood and bodily fluids are concerned, the risk exists that people who come into contact with those materials can be exposed to harmful pathogens. In addition, in the aftermath of suicide, loved ones left behind are left to deal with significant, even traumatic grief. This only ends up magnified if these loved ones are left to undertake suicide cleanup personally.

Steps to Take Following Discovery of a Suicide

The first step that must occur when what appears to be a suicide is discovered in Montebello is to contact the Montebello Police Department via 911. You are likely to have further contact with the police following the discovery of a suicide victim. The contact for the Montebello Police Department:

1600 West Beverly Boulevard
Montebello, California 90640
Nonemergency Number: (323) 887-1313

If the suicide occurs at a location you are responsible for, like your home or business, you bear the responsibility for the cleanup. Don’t make the relatively common mistake and assume that law enforcement or the coroner is responsible for suicide cleanup. They are not.

You need to reach out to a biohazard cleanup service. This type of professional provider understands what needs to be done to safely and thoroughly address the aftermath of a traumatic suicide.

You also need to pay attention to self-care following the suicide of a loved one. This may necessitate professional or some other type of supportive assistance.

Survivors of Suicide in Montebello

Survivors of suicide in Montebello can access an array of different support services and resources through Survivors of Suicide. Serving Montebello, there are a number of different professionals that offer therapy and counseling as well as access to bereavement groups:

Bereavement After Suicide
(424) 375-6335

Grief & Loss: Coping When A Loved One Dies
(855) 308-4289

Living with Loss: A Place to Grieve, Heal, Connect
(626) 539-9857

These professionals are also able to assist a person afflicted with traumatic grief.

Traumatic grief is defined as:

Traumatic grief is the bereavement profession’s way of defining grief thoughts and reactions that are more traumatic, and consequently challenging than those generally suffered after a bereavement, and which last longer than two months. A sudden bereavement is more likely to result in traumatic grief reactions than an expected bereavement.

Suicide Prevention in Montebello

The City of Montebello has adopted the Suicide Prevention Strategies developed by the California Department of Health Care Services. These strategies include different recommended resources for individuals afflicted by suicidal ideations. In addition, there are suggested resources for people who are concerned that one of their loved ones may be suicidal.

There are Montebello therapists and counselors that work with people who face struggles in regard to suicidal ideations. These include:

Dr. Anjana Sura, M.D.
1336 West Whittier Boulevard
Montebello, California 90640
(323) 726-2255

LK Health
901 W Whittier Boulevard
Montebello, CA 90640
(323) 728-8588

In many situations, people struggling with suicidal thoughts have mental health as well as substance abuse issues. These providers are experienced in working with clients who have a dual diagnosis involving mental health and substance abuse issues.

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