Unfortunately, it’s not unusual for the scene of a crime in Montebello, CA, to be a location where a violent crime took place. There will likely be an assortment of biological materials within the affected area if this is what has happened inside or outside of your home or business or on your property. Blood is just one of several biohazards that can be found at a crime scene. This is one of the reasons why it’s best to call on professional cleaning technicians to handle cleanup tasks of this nature. Eco Bear is your reliable source for prompt, budget-friendly crime scene cleaning services in Montebello and nearby areas.

Who’s Responsible for Montebello, CA Crime Scene Cleanup?

It’s often assumed crime scenes are cleaned up by the police or crime scene investigators once evidence is collected. The truth is it’s often family members or business owners who are left with the task of cleaning up what’s left when officials are done with their part of the process. Fortunately, you do not have to take on this task yourself. The Eco Bear team is prepared to respond quickly and efficiently.

Why Cleaning Up a Crime Scene Yourself Isn’t a Good Idea

Cleaning up a crime scene in Montebello, CA, isn’t your routine type of cleanup situation. Unless the affected area contains few signs anything happened, it’s not a good idea to tackle this task yourself for the following reasons: 

  • Most people aren’t trained to safely clean crime scenes and mitigate risks
  • The crime scene cleaning process can be emotionally difficult
  • Most people don’t have easy access to the personal protective equipment (PPE)

Biohazards Commonly Found Within a Montebello Crime Scene

Another reason to turn to Eco Bear for Montebello, CA, crime scene cleaning services is because of the many biological materials often present at locations where a violent crime occurred. In addition to blood, biologicals that could be found within such locations include: 

  • Various bodily fluids
  • Skin and other human/biological tissues
  • Contaminated items

How We Prepare for Crime Scene Cleanup

For safety reasons, we treat any crime scene in Montebello as if it has biohazards present. This means our cleaning crew will arrive prepared for biohazard cleanup with proper protective gear that typically includes: 

  • A mask or respirator for mouth/nose protection
  • Gloves and goggles for eye protection
  • Body coverings to prevent direct contact with biohazardous materials

What to Expect With Eco Bear’s Crime Scene Cleanup Process

When you contact Eco Bear about Montebello, CA, crime scene cleaning services expect a meticulous approach to the entire cleaning and mitigation process. The first step our team takes is to fully assess the site to determine the full scope of the job. As for how we typically approach the task of cleaning up a crime scene, our process can be broken down into four basic stages: 

  • Initial cleanup
  • Sanitization
  • Odor removal
  • Restoration

Initial Cleanup

During the initial phases of the cleanup process, our licensed and trained technicians will remove all contaminated items. This initial cleaning process also typically involves: 

  • Removing contaminated items from the crime scene
  • Examining items to determine what can be cleaned and what’s best discarded
  • Using biohazard bags/containers to store and remove biohazardous items or materials


Once the initial cleanup of a crime scene in Montebello, CA, is completed, the next step our team takes is to sanitize commonly accessed surfaces. This is to done to reduce the risk of exposure to any bloodborne pathogens that may still be present. We use professional cleaning products to complete this stage of the cleaning process.

Odor Removal

Crime scenes can have an assortment of odors that stay behind. At the very least, there may be a lingering odor of blood, especially if this biological material got into porous surfaces like concrete sidewalks, decks, or patios. There may also be lingering odors if a body wasn’t discovered right way. Again, there are specially designed products we use to target the source of odors.


Before considering the job done, our Montebello, CA, cleaning crew will ensure that the site is once again like it appeared before it was a crime scene location. Eco Bear’s seasoned technicians will remain on-site until the affected area is restored to your satisfaction.

Why Trust Eco Bear for Crime Scene Cleaning in Montebello, CA

Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company is a locally based, woman-owned, and veteran-led company with a solid reputation for putting client needs first. No matter what the job involves, we’re here 24/7 to respond to your call and produce the results you deserve. Our commitment to customer excellence is second to none, as evidenced by our top ratings on leading online review sites. Become an Eco Bear customer and you’ll also benefit from reasonable pricing and top-notch, client-centered service.

We’re Here to Restore Your Peace of Mind

If you have any type of crime scene with biological hazards likely present in Montebello, CA, to deal with, we’re here to help. Our cleaning crew will arrive promptly with everything necessary to remove biohazards and contaminated items. When the Eco Bear team is done, you’ll be left with a location that’s clean, healthy, safe, and ready to use again for its intended purpose.

Contact us today to make arrangements for crime scene cleaning services in Montebello, CA, or nearby areas.