Perhaps nothing turns a household on its head than does a biohazard on the premises. Not only does a biohazard present a health risk to those who reside in a particular residence, in certain instances the cause of a biohazardous situation in a home can be traumatic if not catastrophic event. We share with you some insights on biohazards. These include some thoughts on how you can go about finding a qualified, trustworthy, and reliable biohazard cleaning company in Moorpark, California.

Understanding Biohazards

Biohazards are biological substances that have the potential to cause illnesses and diseases in human beings (and other animals). Biohazards, also known as biological hazards, in some cases can be the cause of very serious and even fatal conditions in humans.

Infectious disease and other medical specialists classify biohazards into one of four categories:

  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Toxins
  • Other microorganisms

More Common Pathogens in Residential Biohazards

The type of pathogens that exist in a biohazardous situation on the home front depends upon the underlying reason for the existence of the biological hazard itself. With that noted, some of the more commonplace types of pathogens that a homeowner needs to be alert to in the even of a biohazardous situation on the property are:

  • HIV
  • MRSA
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • Salmonella

Although not a widespread issue at this juncture in time, hantavirus is another pathogen that a person needs to be aware of. Hantavirus is spread through rodent droppings. This includes dried rodent droppings that can crumble and make the virus airborne.

Examination of Situations That Result in Residential Biohazards

As mentioned previously, there exists an array of situations underpinning residential biohazards. These include:

A Look at the Comprehensive Biohazard Cleaning Process

Biohazard cleaning is much more than giving something a good washing. Rather, it is a comprehensive, multifaceted process which includes:

  • Removal of biological matter
  • Removal of contaminated objects that cannot be cleaned
  • Deep cleaning of the contaminated area
  • Sanitization of the contaminated area
  • Deodorization of the premises

Before the biohazard cleaning process gets underway, proper safety measures must be implemented. This includes outfitting anyone who will be involved in the cleanup process in personal protective equipment designed and approved for biohazard cleaning:

  • Protective eyewear
  • Gloves
  • Uniform or smock
  • Respirator or mask

The first element of biohazard cleaning is the removal of biological material at the scene. Biomatter comes in many forms, depending on the underlying cause of the situation. These include:

  • Blood
  • Other bodily fluids
  • Other bodily matter
  • Human feces or urine
  • Rodent Droppings

This biomatter is placed into an approved biohazardous waste container. Similarly, any contaminated objects at the scene that cannot appropriately be cleaned are also disposed of in this matter. Examples of items that cannot effectively (or lawfully) be cleaned include::

  • Used hypodermic needles
  • Blood saturated mattresses, sofa cushions, etc.
  • Urine saturated mattresses, sofa cushions, etc.

One the removal process is completed, the contaminated scene is thoroughly deep cleaned. This is done to ensure that any residual biomatter and other debris is eliminated.

The next phase involves the sanitization of the contaminated scene and the objects in it. Sanitization involves the application of hospital-grade sanitizing agents and the use of specialized equipment to eliminate any hazardous pathogens at the scene. Sanitization eradicates such pathogens as bacteria and viruses in order to restore the premises to a safe condition.

Finally, deodorization is the final phase of comprehensive professional biohazard cleaning. Oftentimes, truly foul odors accompany a biohazard – think raw sewage. Such an odor can permeate the premises. With the use of powerful deodorizing products, a stench is eliminated.

Points to Ponder When Seeking Assistance from a Biohazard Cleaning Company in Moorpark, California

Of course, you want a Moorpark biohazard cleaning company with experience. However, you need to be certain that a company has experience in remediating the specific type of biohazardous situation you have in your residence (or business).

A reputable company not only charges a reasonable fee for services but will provide you with a firm, reliable cost estimate for a job. In addition, a reputable professional will bill you once the work is completed so that you have the opportunity to inspect the premises to ensure the work has been completed as promised and needed.

Make sure that a biohazard remediation company is duly insured and bonded. This is necessary for the event that something goes off course during the cleaning process.

Consider hiring a local, independent company. A local, independent company has a direct and established connection to the community. Indeed, a family-owned business has even a more significant connection because its owners take their professional endeavors very personally.

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