Hoarding disorder is a mental health condition that affects people of all ages, educational levels, incomes and backgrounds. It’s also more common than many people think. Mental health professionals estimate that 2% to 5% of the population is living with hoarding disorder. If you or your loved one have hoarding disorder, your living situation may be at the point where you’re no longer safe, comfortable or able to do what you need to do on an everyday basis. At Eco Bear, we’re a local, women-owned and operated hoarder property cleaning company in Moreno Valley, CA. We offer affordable, professional and thorough hoarder property cleaning services so that you and your loved ones can enjoy a healthy, safe and comfortable living environment.

What We Do

Compulsive hoarding disorder often leads to unsafe and unhealthy living conditions for the hoarder, their family members and their guests. We work with you or your loved one to remove the hoarded belongings and restore the property. Our team of skilled and trained cleaners has a high attention to detail and compassion for dealing with difficult situations. Our goal is to ensure that your property is safe and accessible for you, your family and guests and emergency medical personnel. Not only do our services give you a safer place to live, but we also help you establish a better rapport with your neighbors in Moreno Valley. A hoarded property doesn’t just affect the person who lives there. The unsanitary conditions can also affect nearby homes and businesses. By clearing out the hoard, we help you avoid complaints from angry neighbors. Our services are also designed to ensure your property is in compliance with Moreno Valley environmental and health codes, so you won’t be at risk of fines or other penalties after we clear the hoarded home or property.

How We Clean Hoarded Properties

Our hoarder property cleaning company in Moreno Valley begins with a site visit and tour of the home or property. This gives our Eco Bear professionals a chance to determine what’s in the hoard, the volume of the hoard and which areas have hoarded items. With this knowledge, we create an action plan for removing the hoarded items. Our hoarder property cleaning services include:

  • Securing needed permits for dumpster delivery
  • Scheduling dumpster delivery, waste hauling and recycling
  • Working with Humane Society agents and pest control operators as needed
  • Restoring access for home repair professionals and inspectors

Who We Help

We help anyone who is dealing with a hoarded property in Moreno Valley. There’s no shame in asking for help. Cleaning out a hoarded property is a big job, and it may feel overwhelming or even impossible to try to do it yourself. Maybe you have already tried to clear out the hoarded items, and you weren’t successful. At Eco Bear, we don’t judge. Our compassionate cleaners understand that every hoarding situation is unique. We help people who:

  • Are family members of people with hoarding disorder who have moved to assisted living facilities
  • Inherited a hoarded property
  • Own or manage a rental property that was hoarded by a tenant
  • Have physical or emotional inability to clean the hoard
  • Have trouble making decisions
  • Don’t know how to get started clearing the hoard
  • Are afraid or ashamed of their situation
  • Are in the hospital and need to return home to a safe, accessible environment
  • Are facing fines or legal action because of the property’s condition
  • Are at risk of Child or Adult Protective Services action due to the hoard

Why Eco Bear

Cleaning a hoarded property in Moreno Valley requires specialty equipment, knowledge, training and skills. At Eco Bear, our licensed and bonded company is the right choice for handling any size, type or scope of hoarding situation. We have the right personal protective equipment to handle biological materials, rotted food, pests and vermin within the hoard. Our community-wide connections allow us to schedule prompt dumpster delivery to haul away the items we clear out of the property. We also arrange for proper recycling of metal and paper and disposal of biological or medical waste. As a locally-owned and operated company, we treat each client with respect, compassion and understanding. If you have special requests, such as setting aside a specific item, we accommodate them.

Benefits of Our Hoarder Property Cleaning Services

Many people with hoarding disorder face serious civil penalties because of the property’s condition. By having our Eco Bear cleaners clear the hoard for you, we help you avoid stiff penalties related to the hoarded property. We also help you reestablish positive relationships with your neighbors, as their properties may have been affected by the conditions on your property. If you’re prepared to move out of your home or you inherited the property of a relative with hoarding disorder, we help you get the home and property in a condition for selling it. We also help people who have chronic health conditions, are medically fragile or who have an illness or injury and need a safe, healthy home. Some other benefits of choosing Eco Bear hoarder property cleaning services in Moreno Valley include:

  • Fast response time
  • Affordable pricing
  • Thorough cleaning and decontamination
  • Indoor and outdoor property cleanup
  • Complete waste removal services
  • Salvaging of items that can be restored
  • Coordination with code enforcement, Humane Society agents, pest control and home repair service providers

Now is the time to schedule services through our hoarder property cleaning company in Moreno Valley. Our strong reputation for honesty, hard work and professionalism make us the right choice for any type of hoarder property cleaning.