Moreno Valley is a relatively new and rapidly growing community in Riverside County and the Inland Empire. Indeed, with a population approaching 200,000, it is the second largest city in Riverside County. MetroLink now serve the city and Moreno Valley is in the midst of another economic boom.

Moreno Valley is a gorgeous city located in well-known Riverside County in the state of California. This town is often referred to as “young,” because it wasn’t until the 1980’s decade when the area began to develop. Surrounded by majestic mountains and boasting sparkling lakes, Moreno Valley was known to be inhabited over 2,000 years ago. When the Spaniards arrived, they encountered later generations of both the Shoshone and Luiseño tribes. Native American rock art and artifacts have been found, as well as 200 locations designated prehistoric archaeological sites.

There are some terrific outside activities to pursue in this stunning locale with mountain peaks and valleys dotted with magnificent wildflowers and teeming with local wildlife. With lots of meandering trails throughout the valley and into the mountains, hikers, bicyclists, and runners can get an amazing outdoor exercise experience. If the city action is more to your lifestyle liking, there are lots of phenomenal shopping malls and authentic shops, museums, dining establishments, and entertainment opportunities. This place even offers skydiving and motor racing for those more adventurous types.

Murder-Suicide Plagues Moreno Valley

Although an overall vibrant community with a relatively moderate crime rate, Moreno Valley has faced a number of murder-suicides in recent times. Overall, California has a suicide rate that comes in lower than the national average. Moreno Valley doesn’t have a suicide rate that is necessarily above the California average, let alone that of the country. The city does have a murder-suicide rate that is above the state average.

Experts have no specific concepts as to why the murder-suicide rate appears to be higher than elsewhere in California. The possibility does exist of what might broadly be called “copycatting” occurs. However, in the end, that alone really does not explain the murder-suicide rate in Moreno Valley.

As will be discussed in a moment, families that face the aftermath of a homicide, suicide, or both in Moreno Valley have unique challenges. These include cleaning up the aftermath of these types of incidents as well as dealing with the bereavement and emotional processes that follow the violent death of a loved one or loved ones.

Moreno Valley Morning Shooting Incident Results in Murder-Suicide

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Moreno Valley Police Station was called to a shooting on a June morning. The incident occurred at a residence in the city. Upon arriving at the scene, law enforcement found a woman who had been shot and killed. A man was also found at the scene, also having been shot but he was alive. The man was taken to an area hospital.

Upon investigation, the sheriff’s deputies determined that the man had shot and killed the woman and then turned the gun on himself. The man survived a number of days in the hospital, passing away about a week after the shooting.

Two Men Involved in Moreno Valley Murder-Suicide

In a similar type of case, law enforcement was summoned to another Moreno Valley residence. At this location, they found two men dead.

The evidence available at the scene made it clear to law enforcement that one man had shot the other, killing him. Once that occurred, the shooter turned the gun on himself and took his own life. Both men were dead at the scene. The motive for this murder-suicide was never particularly clear to investigators.

How a Murder-Suicide Is a Cause for Concern Among Moreno Valley Locals

This upbeat and vibrant city has a reputation as being a relatively safe community where neighbors know each other and most everyone is friendly. That being said, there have been a number of tragic murder-suicide cases that has some of the locals of Moreno Valley a bit on edge. There doesn’t seem to be one overriding cause of this increase of these types of violent crimes.

On this past Christmas Eve, a double shooting left one victim seriously injured and another victim dead. This shooting is thought to be gang-related. This is not the first murder and or suicide case that’s made the news of late.

A murder-suicide in Hemet confirmed by county police and fire officials. The deadly blaze set in a double-wide manufactured home has claimed the lives of a niece and her aunt. The niece apparently had been the sole or main caretaker for her aunt. Recent social media posts from the niece appear to show her frustration over supposed other family members not helping her out.

The Aftermath of a Violent Death and Biohazard Cleanup in Moreno Valley

Family members and potentially others (like landlords or property managers) face challenges following a violent or traumatic death. Of course, family members and other loved ones face the grief and bereavement process. Moreover, they also confront the challenge of biohazard cleanup in Moreno Valley.

The task of cleaning up after a violent death is daunting, to say the least. A person is faced with the need to engage in what is known as biohazard remediation.

The reality is that blood and other bodily fluids can contain dangerous pathogens. These may include:

  • HIV
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • MRSA

As a result, specific safety protocols must be followed during the cleanup process. This includes the use of personal protective equipment that includes:

  • Mask
  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Apron or smock

There is a significant emotional aspect to family members and other loved ones tasked with cleaning up the aftermath of a death. As mentioned previously, these individuals already face an overwhelming bereavement process following a sudden, tragic death of a loved one. They need to consider not adding to that tremendous burden by undertaking biohazard cleanup duties on their own. Rather, they should seek the professional assistance of an experienced, compassionate biohazard cleanup specialist.

What Happens During a Crime Scene Cleanup Process

When a crime like murder, serious assault or rape occurs in someone’s personal home or place of business, those property owners are often shocked to discover that the police do not clean up after they are through with their initial evaluation and inspection of the scene where the crime took place.

There are several reasons why it might be better to call for a seasoned and well-trained and certified biohazard cleanup and/or property remediation specialists like those who work for a reputable Moreno Valley company called Eco Bear. This cleaning process can tip off even more intense emotions for the victim and/or their concerned and anxious family members. Knowing that professional and discreet cleanup technicians are on the job can make this always difficult to go through the process much easier.

Another reason to leave this messy work to the experts is the very real and life-threatening possibility of becoming infected by the exposure to dangerous pathogens like viruses, bacteria, protozoa, and others. It is also likely that the ordinary resident doesn’t have the proper chemicals necessary to eliminate these disease-causing pathogens from the residence.

These cleanup experts will have plenty of experience in doing this type of work many times before. Companies like Eco Bear are there to ensure that someone’s residential home or commercial business is turned back over to them fully cleansed of all signs that a violent act or death occurred in that location. It can be a tricky method to locate and destroy all forms of infectious pathogens.

What Are the Basic Steps in Cleaning-Up the Aftermath of a Death

If someone has died but wasn’t found for several days, weeks and unfortunately sometimes months, the condition of the body and the surrounding property can be more than just shocking. These types of cases are the ones that can give even professionals familiar with these situations the cold chills. In just hours after death, the body has begun to become stiff and rigid. This is termed rigor mortis, and individuals that approach an obviously dead body need to be exceptionally careful by wearing the proper safety and protective gear.

There are instances where the body has bloated up with gases created from the natural decomposition process. This can buildup and even cause an explosion which is never an easy scene to view or clean. This is why healthcare officials prefer that citizens hire a qualified Moreno Valley biohazard cleanup specialist from Eco Bear to ensure that everything is done correctly per protocol.

The basic steps used in cleaning these sorts of crime, death or other traumatic scenes. These are:

  • Containment of the Pathogen
  • Cleanup via Protocol for Biohazard Cases
  • Sanitize with Powerful & Effective Chemicals & Techniques
  • Deodorizing the Place with again Effective & Strong Deodorizing Agents that Don’t Just Mask Odor – The Odors Are Destroyed
  • Restoration Phase – Where the Property is Transformed to its Original State

Regulations for Disposal of Infectious Waste And/Or Sharps

The rules and regulations for the safe disposal of any infectious waste and/or any sharps are subject to change. As it stands, most communities will have a convenient drop off location that people can be directed to. All sharps like hypodermic syringes, IV tubing, lancets, and needles are to be treated as if they are highly infectious which they could be.

Residents needing to know more on sharps and medical/health waste disposal can contact their local government agencies. Any waste that contains any biohazard is to be placed in the appropriate container that is clearly labeled. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities will have their own guidelines and policies to follow as well.

Any individual that must face the daunting chore of cleaning up a crime or death scene should seriously consider calling for the real cleanup specialists through Eco Bear. This friendly family-run business delivers topnotch biohazard cleanup and property remediation services, and a team is always just a phone call away.

Get prompt, superior and successful biohazard cleanup and accompanying property restoration services with a smile. Learn more about Eco Bear and the types of skilled professional cleaning of biohazardous waste that are currently available in Moreno Valley. 

Moreno Valley Grief and Bereavement Therapists

Coming to terms with the untimely, violent death of a family member or other loved one can prove to be a highly challenging process. Indeed, many people understandably seek out the professional assistance of Moreno Valley grief and bereavement therapists. Different options are available, including group grief therapy and individual grief therapy. Moreno Valley grief therapists include:

Jessica Williams, Psy.D.
13800 Heacock Street, Suite C230
Moreno Valley, California 92553
(951) 363-2628

Grand Quality Counseling Group
7177 Brockton Avenue, Suite 109
Riverside, California 92506
(951) 225-4998

These therapists will schedule an initial consultation to ascertain what type of therapeutic modality makes the most sense for a particular situation. As a general rule, a Moreno Valley grief therapist doesn’t charge a fee for a preliminary appointment.

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