Some homeless individuals and families in Moreno Valley, CA, seek refuge in official shelters operated by the city or various community groups or organizations. However, others form makeshift shelters referred to as homeless encampments. Some people refer to these places as “tent cities.” In reality, they are often tent-like structures made of various materials loosely held together.

These makeshift shelters can become problematic for either residents or business owners in Moreno Valley, CA, because of the conditions common in these locations. There could also be several health and safety risks if these shelters are set up on private or publicly accessible property. If you find yourself needing prompt, affordable, and expert cleanup assistance, turn to the team at Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company. We offer reliable and budget-friendly homeless encampment cleanup services in Moreno Valley, CA, and nearby areas.

Why Professional Moreno Valley Homeless Encampment Cleaning is Important

Some cities set up portable restrooms and take other steps to mitigate health and safety issues within homeless encampments. Even so, many of these makeshift locations lack access to plumbing or any type of access to sanitation methods or garage collection. The result is often locations overrun with an assortment of biological hazards, or biohazards. Some of the common biohazards found within homeless encampments include: 

  • Human waste
  • Urine, blood, and other bodily fluids
  • Mind-altering substances 
  • Needles and other drug paraphernalia

Any of the biological substances listed above can present a wide range of health and safety issues. This makes a do-it-yourself approach to homeless encampment cleanup in Moreno Valley risky. Also, if you have your employees handle cleanup responsibilities, you could be held legally liable if injuries occur, or if pathogens present contribute to serious health issues.

Additional Risks From Animals Kept Within Encampments

It’s not uncommon for people staying in a homeless encampment to bring “pets” of some sort with them. These extra guests can present additional biohazard risks. This can happen because of animal waste, or even decomposition if animals within an encampment die while in such locations.

Eco Bear’s Approach to Homeless Encampment Cleanup in Moreno Valley, CA

Our goal with homeless encampment cleanup in Moreno Valley is have a personalized approach to each situation. We do this to ensure that unique needs based on the nature of the site are addressed. That said, our basic approach to this type of cleaning can be broken down as follows: 

Initial Cleanup

The first step or trained cleaning and biohazard mitigation technicians take is to remove all physical items from the affected area. Care is taken to identify, contain, and remove any items containing human waste, blood, and other biological hazards. Biohazards within the encampment are placed in specially designed biohazard bags, containers, or bins. They are then taken to appropriate disposal locations as per state guidelines.

Because it’s not possible to know what biohazards may be present within an encampment, our technicians will arrive with full personal protective equipment (PPE). This type of gear/equipment includes: 

  • Masks or respirators
  • Goggles and gloves
  • Smocks, aprons, or other protective coverings


The next step in our meticulous approach to homeless encampment cleanup is to sanitize all commonly accessible surfaces. We do this by using medical-grade chemicals to remove any pathogens that may be lingering. Pathogens are microorganisms invisible to the naked eye that can be contribute to various diseases and illnesses. This step is important because it prevents future exposure to pathogens after the encampment location is cleaned, which makes it safe to use again.


The final step we take with homeless encampment cleanup in Moreno Valley, CA, is to ensure that site is fully restored. In some instances, this may mean removing lingering odors. In other situations, there may be a need to remove stubborn stains or make sure exit and entry points to the location are completely clear again.

Future Homeless Encampment Cleanup Needs in Moreno Valley, CA

Other than making an effort to better secure the site, there’s nothing that can be done to entirely prevent encampments from forming again. Should you find yourself in need for additional encampment cleanings after our initial cleanup efforts, give our cleaning pros a call. We’ll once again arrive promptly to size up the situation and develop an appropriate cleanup, mitigation, and restoration plan.

Experience the Eco Bear Difference

Woman-led, Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company is also proud to be a veteran-led business fully committed to client satisfaction. We strive to build meaningful relationships with our clients based on the quality of our work. At Eco Bear, we also keep rates for our services reasonable. In fact, our rates for biohazard cleanup are about 50 percent less than what our competitors typically charge for similar services in the areas we serve.

Let the Eco Bear Team Help

Eco Bear is a reputable company with a solid reputation for producing consistently reliable results throughout the Moreno Valley, CA, area. If you need homeless encampment cleanup services, we’ll give you an honest, accurate quote. If the initial quote is acceptable to you, our trained, licensed team will get to work. When everything is finished, you’ll be left with a site that’s restored back to its intended appearance and condition.

Contact us today to learn more about our homeless encampment cleanup services in Moreno Valley, CA.