When a violent crime happens to one of your loved ones, you may feel overwhelmed with everything that is taking place. If your loved one died as a result of the violent crime, your grieving process and making arrangements for their funeral take precedence over everything else. The frustration, stress, anger and other strong emotions you feel may cause you to physically be tired, in pain and have a difficult time concentrating. You certainly don’t need anything else on your plate right now, which is why it’s best to turn to our professional crime scene cleaners at Eco Bear. We offer crime scene cleaning in Perris and the surrounding areas. Our skilled cleaners treat you with compassion, kindness and respect during this most difficult time. By leaving the cleaning to us, you can use your energy on processing your grief and dealing with the other things you need to do.

What a Violent Crime Is

A violent crime involves force or a threat of force. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) defines five major categories of violent crimes. These are aggravated assault, non-negligent manslaughter, homicide, robbery and rape. When force is used in a violent crime, a person may experience serious to fatal injuries. Force applied to different parts of the human body often leaves behind the victim’s blood, body fluids or even tissue. Some types of force used in violent crimes include punching, pushing, hitting with hands or an object, stabbing and shooting.

Types of Hazards at a Crime Scene

Crime scenes typically contain multiple types of hazards, which is one of the many reasons why you shouldn’t try to clean the crime scene yourself. Eco Bear’s skilled cleaning professionals are trained on how to handle each of these hazards. We also have the proper personal protective equipment (PPE) and equipment to properly handle all hazards at a crime scene. Some of the common types of hazards at crime scenes in Perris:

  • Blood and body fluids
  • Tissue
  • Residue from law enforcement investigations
  • Broken glass and other puncture hazards
  • Odors if the violent crime wasn’t discovered for a while
  • Pests attracted to blood, body fluids and tissue

When to Call Eco Bear for Perris Crime Scene Cleaning

When a violent crime is discovered, Perris police and forensics professionals will take over the scene. A crime scene might be one room of a home or building, several rooms, the entire structure or areas inside and outside the structure. The investigation and evidence collection processes usually take a few hours, but they might take longer in some situations. Once the law enforcement professionals finish their investigation and have the evidence they need, they release the scene to the property owner. This is when you should call us. 

The sooner the crime scene is cleaned, the better. Allowing blood and body fluids to seep into porous surfaces for a few days makes the odors and stains more difficult to remove. More of the structure may need to be removed. For example, when a violent crime is discovered right away, law enforcement immediately investigates. If they finish within a few hours, you contact us. We’ll arrive as quickly as possible. This doesn’t give blood or body fluid much time to seep into wood, sub-floors or trim. We might only need to remove carpet and padding instead of the home’s or building’s sub-structure. When crimes aren’t discovered for a while, we may need to remove a considerable amount of flooring, drywall and other materials in order to thoroughly clean, sanitize and remediate the crime scene.

Why Professional Crime Scene Cleaning in Perris Is a Must

When you’re dealing with grief, planning a funeral and trying to cope with what’s just happened to your loved one, you don’t need the onerous task of cleaning the scene of the crime. Violent crimes may cause a lot of blood loss, and there may be splatters of blood in places you wouldn’t think to look. Our attentive cleaners know how to find every drop of blood or body fluid at a crime scene. By thoroughly cleaning, disinfecting and remediating the entire area, we restore safety and calm to the space. 

How Eco Bear Cleans Crime Scenes

Eco Bear’s multi-step crime scene cleaning process in Perris ensures that the scene of the violent crime will be restored to its previous condition. When you contact us, we come as quickly as possible to do an inspection. We enter the scene wearing PPE, including gloves, face shields or goggles, masks, aprons and shoe coverings. In most cases, we’ll start working immediately. We remove contaminated items and properly dispose of them in accordance with California public health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. We clean the visible blood, tissue and fluids and use chemical indicators to find where they have spread.

The next part of our process is disinfection. Blood, tissue and body fluids may harbor infectious pathogens, including:

  • HIV
  • Hepatitis B and C
  • Tuberculosis
  • MRSA

We use hospital-grade disinfectants to kill these and all other germs. 

The next step is remediation. This may involve removing wood or drywall that has absorbed blood or fluids. We also use odor removal technology to eliminate the foul smells caused by the breakdown of tissue, fluids and blood.

Who We Help

Eco Bear serves anyone in Perris who has had a violent crime occur on their property. We help:

  • Homeowners
  • Landlords
  • Property managers
  • Business owners

Benefits of Choosing Eco Bear’s Crime Scene Cleaning Services

Cleaning a crime scene is difficult and hazardous without proper training, equipment and experience. Eco Bear has what it takes to clean any size or type of crime scene in Perris. Our affordable rates, fast response time, attention to detail and compassion make us the right choice for Perris crime scene cleaning.