There are many reasons that you could be looking for help with cleaning up a hoarder property. Maybe you’ve recently bought a hoarder house for a steal,but now you have to clean it before anyone can move in. Maybe you’ve inherited a hoarder house from a family member, but you can’t sell it or move into it until it’s perfectly clean. It’s possible that you’re someone with hoarding disorder who’s ready to take the next step on the road to recovery. Whatever the reason, you’re ready to take what is currently an uninhabitable space and make it welcoming and livable again. 

The good news is that we’re here to help. Tackling a hoarder house cleanup is something that most people shouldn’t attempt themselves. This is especially true when they’re dealing with cases of extreme hoarding. A hoarder house poses a lot of challenges when it comes to cleanup, and having a professional company on your side that can handle it can make all the difference in the world when it comes to the final outcome. 

Why is professional hoarder cleanup even necessary?

There’s a big difference between cleaning a very messy house and cleaning a hoarder property. A very messy house probably needs time set aside, some elbow grease, and some people ready to dive in to make everything sparkle again. Dirty floors can be swept and scrubbed clean with brooms and mops. Piles of dirty laundry can be tossed into the washing machine. Bathroom tiles can be scrubbed spotless. Decent cleaners and disinfectants will help bring the house back to its original state. 

When you’re dealing with a hoarder house, however, you’re dealing with an entirely different type of cleanup. Hoarder houses have several strikes against them. They’re most likely filled from floor to ceiling with junk and garbage. Bathrooms and kitchens could be unusable due to tubs, toilets, and sinks overflowing with garbage, rotted food, and sewage. Floors may not even be visible due to the sheer amount of waste and garbage covering them. Human waste, animal waste, vermin carcasses, and other types of biohazardous waste could be buried under mountains of filth. 

This job goes way beyond a simple deep scrubbing. You’re going to need to work with teams that know how to safely handle, remove, and dispose of biohazardous waste. You’re going to welcome the experience of a team that knows exactly what tools and cleaners to use to bring the home up to code. You’ll also most likely feel a lot better knowing that someone else is dealing with the unpleasant discoveries that are usually found when doing a deep dive through a hoarder home. 

What is biohazardous waste?

Biohazardous waste is waste that contains pathogens like bacteria and viruses that cause diseases. Pathogens are found in all types of waste that you’ll happen upon when cleaning a hoarder house, including human waste, animal carcasses, bodily fluids, spoiled food that’s been left out for months, and the waste left behind by vermin and other pests. This waste must be placed into special bins and bags for disposal. These specially sealed and constructed containers help prevent the waste from leaking out and contaminating or recontaminating people and surfaces. The containers are then taken to a special waste facility where the waste will be destroyed. 

How do you know when to call a professional hoarder property cleaning company for help?

If you’re going to be selling the house once it’s cleaned, a hoarder company can help ensure that the cleaning done is perfect and pristine so that future tenants are harmed. 

If the sheer amount of waste is overwhelming, you’re going to need help getting through it. Many people attempt to clean hoarder houses on their own and then give up. They realize that they don’t have the stomach and the know-how to do it properly. 

You should call in the professionals if you’ve received an order from local or city authorities that the house is in violation of health codes. The authorities don’t play around when it comes to matters of public health, and the biohazardous waste located at a hoarder house poses real health issues. Professional cleaning specialists can help ensure that a thorough cleaning is done so that you pass inspection. 

What will happen when the team comes out?

When the team arrives on site, they’ll first take an assessment of the site. They will go through every bit of the space so that they can get an idea of the scope of the job. Once that is done, they’ll be able to determine how many people will be needed to complete the job. They’ll also be able to figure out if they’re going to need special tools to handle particularly challenging areas of the space. They’ll then be able to speak with you and plan out a timeline for completion of the job. What looks like an impossible job to the average person is something easily handled by a proficient team. 

How much will cleaning cost?

The cost of the cleanup will depend on the variables mentioned above. The team will completely map out every line item of the job before it begins so that everything is clear. 

 What is the temperament of the cleaners?

One thing that prevents many people from seeking help for cleaning up hoarder properties is the fear of judgement. Our teams are empathetic and compassionate. We understand all of the emotions associated with cleaning hoarder properties, and we treat our clients with respect. Our goal is to restore the house to habitability so that our clients can move on with their lives. 

Give us a call if you have any questions about hoarder property cleanup in Placentia. We’re available at any time to answer your call.