Nestled in northern Orange County, Placentia is a city with about 55,000 residents. It has been designated as an All American City, an award given to 10 U.S. cities annually by the National Civic League.

Placentia is considered a bedroom community. It is comprised of quiet neighborhoods and is known for its good schools and low crime rate.

Armed Robbery Gone Awry Results in Shooting Death of Placentia Resident

Although Placentia does have an overall lower crime rate when contrasted with other communities in Orange County, crime does occur in the city, including the occasional homicide. One such case involves the fatal shooting of a Placentia resident named Robert Rios.

Four men targeted the home of Robert Rios. Indeed, they can be seen on a surveillance video entering the gate into Rios’ front yard. Rios confronted the men when they entered onto his property. Ultimately, shots were fired and Rios was killed by the assailants.

The four assailants were members of different gangs. However, they had linked up to steal from Rios’ home. They ended up fleeing the scene after Rios was shot. Three of the assailants were arrested not long after Rios was killed. The fourth suspect was taken into custody sometime later.

All four men initially were charged with first-degree murder. They face the prospect of being sentenced to death if convicted because special circumstances have been alleged by the state.

Gang Members Slay Placentia Resident

Another homicide case in Placentia was also tied to gang members. In this case, Placentia resident Jorge Valdez was walking with a couple of other people just after midnight.

A trio of gang members pulled up to where the three men were walking. They asked Valdez where he was from. Valdez initially did not respond. He then misinformed the three men in the car and said he was from La Jolla. (Again, he was a resident of Placentia.) Valdez was not affiliated with a gang.

When Valdez responded with a specific city, the three gang members shot him to death.

All three gang members pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter with a gang enhancement. They will each serve 13 years in prison.

Biohazard Cleanup in Placentia

These two homicides happened outdoors, although one of them did occur on private property. The murder of Robert Rios occurred in his front yard.

When a homicide occurs on private property, whether inside or outside a residence of business, the owner or his or her relatives become responsible for the cleanup process. Neither the Placentia Police Department nor the Orange County Coroner is responsible for biohazard cleanup in Placentia. The city does undertake biohazard cleanup on public property, as was the case in the killing of Jorge Valdez on a Placentia alleyway.

Once an investigation of a homicide scene by the police and coroner is completed, these officials turn the premises over to the owner or relatives of the owner of the home or business. These individuals are then able to commence the process of cleaning up the premises.

A person must bear in mind that blood and other bodily fluids and materials that can be present a homicide or suicide scene can contain what are known as dangerous pathogens. Dangerous pathogens primarily are viruses and bacteria capable of spreading to a human being and of causing severe or even fatal disease.

As a result of this potential risk, a person who ends up facing the need to clean up a scene where some sort of violent or traumatic incident occurred typically is well served by retaining the services of a biohazard cleanup in Placentia professional. A biohazard remediation specialist has the experience, tools, equipment, and materials necessary to clean up a residence or business following a homicide, suicide, or some other type of violent or traumatic incident. A professional remediator is able to thoroughly and safely clean up the premises and return the property to a livable or usable condition in a safe manner.

Placentia Grief Therapy

If you’ve lost a family member by homicide, suicide, or some other sudden means, you may find yourself interested in obtaining support and assistance from an experienced, compassionate grief therapist. You may desire to become involved in Placentia group or individual grief therapy. There are grief therapists in Placentia that can assist you in this process. These therapists include:

Alternative Options Counseling Center
101 S Kraemer Boulevard, Suite 110
Placentia, California 92870
(714) 699-9455

Linda Quaranta
601 East Yorba Linda Boulevard, Suite B
Placentia, California 92870
(657) 293-0029

Stillpoint Counseling Associates
101 South Kraemer Boulevard, 
Placentia, California 92870
(714) 880-8945

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