Placentia was recently the site of a federal mandate to address the problem of homelessness in the area. While Placentia is a beautiful region for most, it has a larger than average homeless population, and the city had long wanted to help both the homeless and general citizens who were dealing with dangerous encampments throughout the city.

The plan was twofold: Provide 200 beds to homeless residents so that homeless encampments could be cleared from the city. If the city couldn’t do this, judges wouldn’t be able to order the clearing of the encampments. Thankfully, the innovative minds that be in Placentia were able to get the job done, and then Eco Bear was able to do their job and clear out dangerous homeless encampments. We’re still working on this ongoing project today.

Placentia Homeless Encampment Cleanup

Homeless encampments around Placentia have been an issue in recent years, but it’s not just because the encampments themselves are eyesores in the city. It’s true that they’re cluttered with clothing, everyday items like plastics, and other unsightly material, but where the danger lies is in their biohazards. Wherever a lot of human beings congregate in one place, there is a possibility of unsanitary living conditions. Homeless encampments inevitably spiral toward these unsanitary living conditions and are dangerous to both their inhabitants and innocent passersby.

Dangerous Conditions

The typical homeless encampment will be tightly enclosed, with a large number of people in a small, open space. Sometimes nearby roofs might enclose the area further and create an even great possibility of human biohazards. The average homeless encampment will have:

  • Needles
  • Blood
  • Pet waste
  • Human waste
  • Sweaty/musty clothing

These conditions are unfit for human life, and yet everyday, people live in these encampments because they are homeless and have no choice. Passersby might feel helpless to do anything, wondering when these areas will disappear and the homeless will have a safe place and they will have their clean, sanitary streets back.

Eco Bear To the Rescue

Eco Bear is a proud part of the Placentia homeless encampment cleanup strategy. We help businesses, governments, and private citizens who are affected by these perilous areas. When there’s a tough job to do, we’re there with a strategy and mindset that works to clear the area of the previously mentioned materials and hazards. Our team is friendly, compassionate, and highly capable and expert in their fields.

PPE Gear

To work in areas like homeless encampments, workers need gloves, masks, goggles, and sometimes full biohazard suits to competently and safely clear the area of homeless encampment biohazards. It’s our duty and honor to make sure that all of our team goes into battle with the right uniforms. Cordoning off the area and keeping innocent citizens away from the cleanup is another of our duties. Wherever there’s a dangerous area we’re working on, Eco Bear sees to it that everyone not involved in the cleanup is safely distanced from hazard.

Cleaning Strategies

Cleaning up a homeless encampment requires thorough planning and execution. First, we analyze the size of the operation. Some homeless encampments are simple to clean. There might only be light trash and a few articles of clothing to clean up. New encampments that were quickly abandoned won’t require as much cleanup time on our part, but it’s still important that we assess what we need for the job.

Once we’ve analyzed the encampment and carefully marked off areas of concern to pay extra attention to, we amass our team and then get to work on a strategy that’s going to be efficient and safe for all. Good communication with our clients and each other is essential to keeping Eco Bear running like a true asset to the community. 


Homeless encampments might be full of biohazards and need to be cleared from their respective cities, but they were once the “home” of people. As such, we frequently must communicate with residents who live in these encampments before cleanup. It’s our fervent hope that we have a positive impact on the homeless residents we work with as well. They are treated not just humanely but as people of value, who deserve to be heard before they are moved from the dangerous area.

Often times, homeless residents don’t even realize how dangerous the area they’re living in really is. We always strive to explain to them what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and what resources they have in moving from the encampment. Whenever we can, we work with community outreach programs who help people like the citizens of homeless encampments.

Contact Eco Bear

The people of Placentia California deserve to live in a safe, beautiful city. Eco Bear is a proud and enthusiastic part of biohazard cleanup efforts in homeless encampments. The team here is available to government agencies, nonprofits, private citizens, and businesses who require our homeless encampment cleanup services. We encourage you to always talk to us before you make up your mind about who to bring on to finish the job. It’s our belief that once you see our wide range of cleanup strategies, modern day equipment, and caring attitude toward our job, you won’t hire anyone else for encampment cleanup again. Please contact us whenever you need us. We’re happy to help.