The community of Redwood City, California, is vibrant, resilient, and supportive, even in times of crisis. When natural disaster, tragedy, or illness strikes, our residents come together to help one another through challenging circumstances. 

Eco Bear is proud to be at the forefront of those community efforts to stand firm together in the face of tragic and disastrous occurrences. We are a leading, family-owned biohazard cleaning company serving Redwood City. In the most crucial times, fraught with trauma, panic, and grief, we lead our Redwood City and broader California community with unparalleled expertise, knowledge, respect, and compassion. Our years of experience and services include the remediation and cleanup of homeless encampments, unattended deaths, infectious diseases, sewage overflows, and biohazardous materials. 

If you have had a death or severe injury in your home or business that warrants professional biohazard cleanup, we are here for you. 

What You Need to Know About Biohazard Materials and Remediation

Biohazardous material is a dangerous biological substance that poses serious health risks to humans and other living organisms. Types of biohazard materials include human and animal blood, tissues, bodily fluids, recombinant DNA, and human, plant or animal pathogens. Pathogens are infectious microorganisms in human and animal blood that can cause severe and even fatal diseases, depending on the type of pathogen.

There are many reasons one might have biohazard material in their home or business:

  • Someone sustained a severe injury
  • A death occurred and went unnoticed (unattended death)
  • There was a suicide on your property
  • Accidental death
  • Homicide 
  • Violent crimes or accidents that result in significant blood loss

Not only do these traumatic events create biohazardous health risks, but they also leave witnesses in an exceedingly frightened and vulnerable position. Eco Bear technicians are trained and prepared to help in all facets of the recovery process. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention breaks down biohazardous material into four levels, level one being low risk and level four being high risk. Biohazard levels three and four both pose severe or fatal health risks. We focus our biohazard cleaning and remediation services on eliminating the dangers of biohazard levels three and four. 

We offer comprehensive biohazard cleaning that is done in four essential stages: cleanup, sanitization, deodorization, and restoration. Eco Bear is tireless and methodical in our approach. Indeed, we often complete biohazard cleanup projects in multiple stages to ensure that your home or business is completely safe to live in and use again. 

Cleanup entails the removal of the biological material (blood, fluids, and other biological matter) from all impacted surfaces. The types of surfaces can range from concrete to carpet to wood floors. Biohazard material can also infect furniture, personal belongings, walls, and ceilings. Anything porous or fabric-based requires that we cut and bag covered areas for proper and sanitary disposal. 

Sanitization is the second stage of our extensive process. After visible biohazardous materials are removed, we sanitize the entire area, top to bottom, to eliminate undetectable pathogens. Our specialists use medical-grade chemicals. 

Deodorization occurs after sanitization. The Eco Bear team promises the complete removal of biohazardous odor, which can be particularly strong in cases of unattended deaths. By removing all remaining smells, we ensure that your health, property value, and peace of mind are all intact. 

We finally restore the home or business to a completely habitable condition. There can be longterm damage done to the structure of your home or furnishings within it from biohazard waste when not addressed immediately. We strive to save your belongings and retain the value of your home and business. Time is of the essence when it comes to biohazard cleanup. 

We urge you to resist putting yourself at higher risk by trying to clean up biohazard material without proper equipment and expertise. Waiting for professional help to start the remediation process will also save you from more considerable emotional hardship. If you must clean up blood or other biohazard materials, be sure to wear protective gloves, long sleeves, and eye protection. Our team utilizes the most extensive personal protective gear (PPE), including masks, goggles, gloves, and aprons. 

Sometimes biohazard cleanup is as frightening as it sounds. That’s why Eco Bear is prepared to step in and do what we do best: eliminate biohazard contaminants and make your environment clean and functional once more so that you can recover in peace and safety. 

Redwood City California Biohazard Cleanup Service: Let Us Help You in Your Time of Need

No one is more prepared to help you and your family in times of crisis than our team at Eco Bear. We are a woman-owned and veteran-led company that has served Redwood City and the greater California community for years. The Eco Bear team is comprised of fearless and compassionate professionals who have extensive experience in biohazard cleanup. 

It is our privilege to stand by this community in times of trauma. Our family lives and works in California, and our deep roots in this state continue to drive our mission to provide our fellow Californians emotional support and professional cleanup services when they need it most. We are committed to helping our clients navigate the road to recovery after a tragic event with patience, dignity, compassion, and professionalism. 

You can call our 24/7 biohazard remediation helpline at (818) 358-4359. We will always answer your call, day or night, prepared with the specialized equipment needed to alleviate your emergency and any potential risks to your health. If you don’t know what to do, call us now, and we can be on-site immediately. You can also read more about our Redwood City biohazard cleanup services to get the help you need. 

We are also committed to making emergency and high-risk biohazard cleanup services affordable and accessible to as many people as possible. Our rates are typically 50% lower than our competitors because we believe that home is the most essential and personal place for each of us. And we want to protect that space no matter what.  

Let us help you. We will make your home and business feel safe again. Call or email today for immediate relief and support. 

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