Riverside has been called the “city of art and innovation.” Hit like the rest of California and the nation as a whole by the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic, our community has come together to develop effective strategies to keep us as safe and as healthy as possible during these challenging times. The professional, experienced team at Eco Bear – the leading Riverside COVID-19 cleaning company – has joined in the effort to protect the community from the coronavirus contamination and infection. Towards this end, Eco Bear provides comprehensive, safe, and effective COVID-19 cleaning and disinfecting services to businesses, residences, rental properties, governmental offices, and other locations throughout the community and surrounding area. You can reach a Riverside COVID-19 specialist any time of the day or night by calling our community COVID-19 cleanup hotline at (818) 358-4359.

The Basics: What a Riverside Resident Must Know About COVID-19

Before we dive into the specifics about the services we provide to the community as a Riverside COVID-19 cleaning company, a summary of the basic facts about coronavirus is essential:

  • COVID-19 is highly contagious
  • You can catch COVID-19 from person to person contact
  • You can catch COVID-19 by touching surfaces and objects at your business or home that were contaminated by a person with COVID-19
  • COVID-19 can live on surfaces and objects for a yet to be specifically determined period of time
  • The length of time COVID-19 lives on a surface or object depends on what it is made of
  • The virus appears to live longer on metal surfaces or objects (counters, doorknobs)
  • A person infected with COVID-19 may have absolutely no symptoms of the sometimes-fatal disease
  • Unlike some viruses, a person who shows no signs of COVID-19 is still contagious
  • If you’re an essential business of some type, you may have infected individuals on your premises regularly
  • You must take all available steps to protect against the contamination of your business by infected individuals
  • The surest way to remediate a situation in which you believe an infected individual has contaminated your business, home, rental property, or some other location is through the professional assistance of a COVID-19 cleaning company Riverside

If You’re Infected With COVID-19

If you learn that you’ve been diagnosed with COVID-19, you must take two immediate steps:

  • Self-quarantine – including separating from your family in your residence
  • Contact your primary care physician immediately 

What you must not do is go to the emergency room of a local hospital when you are experiencing mild symptoms. Rather, by reaching out to your primary care physician, you can obtain the most up to date information relating to at-home self-care for a COVID-19 infection. It is important to stress that the vast majority of people who end up infected with the coronavirus recover – and most recover at home on their own and without the need for hospitalization.

In somewhere in the neighborhood of 10% of all cases, some level of hospitalization may be required. Of that number, there are individuals who experience severe symptoms and require placement in the intensive care unit. In the worst-case scenario, a patient must be placed on a ventilator and that individual’s life truly is at risk. 

The two most important takeaways about a COVID-19 infection are:

  • Most cases involve less serious symptoms that can be dressed outside of a hospital setting
  • The best strategy to protect yourself from a serious COVID-19 infection is to do everything reasonably possible to avoid the virus in the first instance

What a Riverside COVID-19 Cleaning Company Does 

In addition to strategies like thorough handwashing (which we should have been doing all along) and physical isolation, you also need to be highly proactive when you believe your business, home, rental property, or some other location has been contaminated by COVID-19. As mentioned previously, if you believe your business or home has been contaminated by coronavirus, call us any time of the day or night at (818) 358-4359

We promptly will be at your business, home, or other location and provide you with a reliable estimate for coronavirus cleaning and disinfection. Unlike the competition, we never charge hidden fees. We are fully transparent. In addition, we offer comprehensive COVID-19 remediation services for the most affordable cost available in Riverside. 

Using the latest equipment and other technology, together with medical-grade disinfecting agents, we fully eradicate the coronavirus no matter where it happens to be lurking in your property. We restore your business, home, rental property, or other property to a fully usable, completely safe condition.