The largest city in Riverside County, the city of Riverside has a population of about 305,000. It is the most populous community in the Inland Empire. The city is home to the third largest national cemetery in the United States and the most active of them all, based on the number of burials annually. One interesting oddity about Riverside is that one of the only two remaining initial naval orange trees transplanted in the United States (by Theodore Roosevelt) is located in the city.

As is the case with any burgeoning community in the country, Riverside does have its share of crimes. These include violent crimes, including some more notorious ones.

Notorious Riverside Fugitive Linked to at Least Four Murders

Eduardo Rodriquez resided in Riverside for a number of years with his wife. What Riverside authorities did not immediately recognize was that Rodriquez was, in fact, a man named Juan Carlos Campos Gamino, a man wanted for the murders of at least four individuals. Indeed, Rodriquez’s wife was even unaware that the man had previously gone by a different name, let alone had been responsible for allegedly murdering other people.

The man was outed via Facebook postings. Specifically, one of his criminal cohorts had pictures of Rodriquez posted on that individual’s Facebook page. In addition, Rodriquez’s wife posted pictures of him on Facebook as well. Using available technology, the Riverside Police Department and other law enforcement agencies were able to identify Rodriguez as the notorious fugitive wanted for multiple murders. In fact, law enforcement ultimately determined that Rodriquez was second in command of the notorious Toonerville Gang that had been responsible for a considerable amount of criminal activity in Southern California. For example, the gang was considered responsible as a unit for many more murders than the four attributed to Rodriguez.

The murders attributed to Rodriguez and the gang with which he was associated were undertaken by firearms. These killings oftentimes occurred in residences or businesses. Of course, these are tragic events in and of themselves. On top of the loss of human life, family and friends of these murdered individuals also faced the prospect of having to address the matter of cleaning up after these brutal slayings.

In other words, these killings help to illustrate the complicated and emotionally challenging task of having to engage in biohazard cleanup in Riverside when someone is killed in a violent manner or commits suicide in a similar way. In addition, the family and friends of a person who dies in what is known as an unattended death can also face a gut-wrenching cleanup process.

An unattended death is one in which an individual passes away with no one around. In addition, in this type of situation, the remains of the deceased individual are not immediately found. A matter of days, weeks, or even months in some cases can pass before the body of the deceased person is discovered. More often than not, what proves to be a gruesome discovery is made by a family member or friend.

Because of the large population size of Riverside, unattended deaths do occur within the community on a regular basis. In a majority of cases, the remains do tend to be discovered within a matter of days. However, as was noted, much longer periods of time can elapse before death is realized.

Biohazard Cleanup in Riverside

When a family is faced with the aftermath of some type of violent or unattended death, they not only must bereave the loss but must deal with cleaning up the premises. The recommendation is that a family not undertake this challenging, grim task personally. They are strongly encouraged to seek the professional assistance of a biohazard cleanup expert.

The biohazard cleanup process exposes people to potential infection by dangerous biological pathogens. These are potentially dangerous (and even fatal) viruses and bacteria that can be found in blood and bodily fluids at the scene of these types of deaths.

In addition, the emotional toll that can be taken by having to clean up after the traumatic death of a loved one can be overwhelming. This additional level of emotional trauma should not be unduly added to the shoulders of a person already mourning the untimely, tragic loss of a loved one.

Riverside Grief Therapy

In the aftermath of a tragic, untimely, and even violent death of a loved one, professional emotional support and assistance may be necessary. There are Riverside grief therapists that can aid a person in accessing individual grief therapy as well as group grief therapy:

Central Counseling Services
6840 Indiana Ave, Suite 275
Riverside, California 92506
(951) 999-4954

Behavior Matters
4960 Arlington Avenue
Riverside, California 92517
(909) 303-6368

Jenna M. Mendez Counseling
3576 Arlington Ave, Suite 107
Riverside, California 92506
(951) 239-4103

Photo Courtesy of Daniel Orth.

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