If you’re dealing with crime scene cleanup in Riverside, you probably don’t even know where to begin. Crime scene cleanup can be used for a variety of different situations, all of which could be take an emotional toll on the people in charge of cleanup.

We can help. Our crime scene cleanup specialists have years of experience handling the toughest types of crime scenes, trauma scenes, and biohazard remediation scenes. If someone recommended that you should reach out for crime scene cleaning up, you may be wondering exactly what it entails.

What is crime scene cleaning?

Crime scene cleaning is a special type of cleaning that focuses on the removal of infectious waste and biohazardous waste from the scene of incidents like violent crimes, suicides, industrial accidents, and unattended deaths. Some people are confused because when they hear the term “crime scene cleaning”, they naturally assume that it’s the type of cleaning that’s only done at a site where a crime has actually taken place. Again, the focus of crime scene cleaning is less on the type of incident that took place and more on the type of waste that has been left behind. Crime scenes need to be restored to their original conditions. The crime scene cleaning team will go then, strip away the waste, clean the site, sanitize the site, and restore the space for use once again.

What is biohazardous waste?

Biohazardous waste is waste containing pathogens, the microorganisms that cause the diseases that harm humans. At a crime scene, the biohazardous waste that’s usually encountered includes blood, bodily fluids, brain matter, body tissue, and other types of waste. Since this waste is loaded with pathogens, it greatly increases the risk of the spread of disease. In order to prevent that from happening, crime scene cleaners remove the waste from the site before sanitizing it, making it safe for human habitation.

What types of scenes do crime scene cleaners clean?

The following is just a small list of the types of scenes that crime scene cleaners restore.

Meth Labs

If anyone has seen the show Breaking Bad, they know how intense meth lab environments can be. The scary thing is that a meth lab can be located pretty much anywhere, including basements, kitchens, and RVs. Cleaning up a meth lab is not something that can be handled by just anyone. One wrong move, and the entire place can go up in flames or in an explosion. Even if an explosion doesn’t occur, a meth lab has meth remnants in the air that can be extremely harmful if someone were to inhale them. Some of the symptoms that someone can experience simply by walking into a meth lab include nausea, dizziness, or even death. The EPA has created guidelines for cleaning up meth labs. These guidelines help ensure that the space is completely cleared of all of the waste located in the meth lab so that the space can be used once again. Our crime scene cleanup teams are extremely experienced in handling the cleaning and restoration of meth lab spaces. They will remove every single bit of the drug so that there isn’t any fear of future contamination for anyone who walks into or near the space.


Sadly, thousands of people commit suicide every year. Those suicides could be from violent or nonviolent means. When a suicide has taken place, crime scene cleaners will come in to remove all of the biohazardous waste that has been left behind. Violent suicides may look similar to other types of trauma sites like homicides, and they will require the same type of intensive cleaning. Nonviolent suicides require crime scene cleanup as well because the mere presence of a body left at a site creates a biohazardous situation. When someone dies, what’s left behind are elements like bodily fluids and decomp. This is especially true if the body was undiscovered for an extended period of time. Crime scene cleaners will go in and clean the site, removing all of the biohazardous waste so that the space can be used once again.


Homicides are what most people think of when they think of crime scene cleaning. The scenes can be particularly gruesome, and they leave behind lots of biohazardous waste that needs to be removed in order to preserve public safety. Crime scene cleaners will remove all of the waste and sanitize the space. Our team is also very sensitive to what has taken place in the space, and they know how to deal delicately and empathetically with the survivors who remain behind.

What are the benefits of going with the crime scene cleaning company?

Crime scene cleaning companies have the experience necessary to tackle any type of crime scene. They could go in and instantly assess the situation, preparing a plan for how to deal with each step of the remediation process.

The average person does not have that knowledge. They don’t know how to restore a scene in a way that makes it livable and safe. They may not use the right tools and cleaners that help remove the most dangerous parts of waste left behind after a traumatic incident.

On top of this, crime scene cleaners are able to go in and clean the scene without the emotional attachment that a survivor may feel. This is not to say we’re uncaring or unfeeling; quite the opposite. We understand exactly what our clients are going through, and we are prepared to be the buffer between them and the incident. This allows their clients to move forward with plans for the next stage of their lives.

Reach out to us at any time with any questions that you have about crime scene cleaning.