Cleaning a hoarded property in Rossmoor, CA, can be exhausting, dangerous and overwhelming. Eco Bear is an experienced team of skilled cleaners ready to clear any hoarded property in Rossmoor. We have a crew large enough to tackle a hoarded estate, farm, multi-story home or other type of property. We treat each of our clients with compassion and respect. Our affordable rates, on-time service and professionalism make us the right choice for Rossmoor hoarder property cleaning services.

What Hoarding Disorder Is

Hoarding disorder is a mental health condition diagnosed by a psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist or physician. There are three main characteristics of hoarding disorder:

  • Chronic and compulsive need to acquire more belongings
  • Difficulty letting go of items in the home
  • Distress when thinking about or attempting to get rid of items

Hoarding disorder isn’t the same as collecting. A collector focuses on a small range of items, such as crystal figurines or blue pottery. A hoarder acquires many types of items, including broken things or other items that others would see as worthless. Collectors give their collections a special place and display them with pride. Hoarders store items haphazardly and take no pride in their home. Collectors look forward to showing their collections to others. They might join social groups or attend events related to their collections. Hoarders rarely allow people into their home and prevent others from seeing the environment in which they live. They hide the fact they have hoarding disorder and avoid talking about the subject.

Who Has Hoarding Disorder

Mental health professionals estimate that between 2% and 6% of the world’s adults have hoarding disorder. Men and women develop hoarding disorder at similar rates. People in middle age and older are more likely to develop hoarding disorder than younger adults. A history of trauma, unresolved grief or loss may be more likely to have hoarding disorder. Some other risk factors for hoarding disorder:

  • Have another mental health condition, such as depression or anxiety
  • One or more close family members with hoarding disorder
  • Live alone
  • Over the age of 50
  • Have obsessive-compulsive disorder

How Hoarding Disorder Impacts a Person’s Life and Home

Every part of a person’s life is affected by hoarding disorder. When your home is full of items, moving from one room to another can be difficult. You might have to dodge falling items or walk on top of things. This puts you at risk of slipping and falling or getting trapped by the hoard.

When you have hoarding disorder, other household members are also affected. Children can’t play, do homework or study in a hoarded environment. Children or elderly household members may not be able to get to the bathroom or kitchen. When there are children or seniors in a hoarded home, social workers from the local child or adult protective services department may have them removed for safety and health reasons. Eco Bear’s hoarder property cleaning services in Rossmoor help prevent these serious consequences from happening to your family.

When Hoarding Disorder Is a Serious Problem

Areas of your home may become unusable because of hoarding. You may not be able to prepare meals in your kitchen due to broken appliances, lack of running water, no gas or items piled on and in appliances. Your bathroom may be unusable, forcing you to use other means for hygiene purposes. This creates a risk of illness and damage to your home.

Some people hoard pets. When a home has more than a couple of pets, their dander and waste create unsafe conditions. The air may be difficult to breathe. The health of the pets may suffer.

Hoarded homes are also difficult to maintain and repair. If a pipe leaks, you might not notice. This leads to mold growth and severe structural damage. Pests may infest the hoard, causing more damage and leaving behind waste and the potential for exposure to dangerous bacteria and viruses. The weight of a hoard may cause flooring, beams or joists to collapse.

When a home fills, the hoard may spill out of the garage and onto the driveway, porch or yard. This attracts the attention of neighbors, utility workers and code enforcement officers. Your home could be in violation of health or building codes.

Why Hoarded Properties Need Professional Cleaning

Although you may have brought all the items onto your property, clearing them by yourself could be impossible for many reasons. Some reasons to choose Eco Bear’s professional hoarder property cleaning services in Rossmoor include:

  • Illness or injury makes it difficult to clean
  • Disability prevents you from cleaning
  • You don’t know where to start
  • You’re unsure of how to dispose of items
  • You inherited the hoarded property and live elsewhere
  • You don’t have time to clear the property yourself
  • Your tenant hoarded the property, and you need to find new tenants

Who Eco Bear’s Hoarder Property Cleaning Services Help

Our thorough hoarder property cleaning services in Rossmoor ensure that your property meets city building and health codes. By clearing the hoard, we make your property safe for you, your household members, guests and neighbors. We work quickly to fully clean, sanitize and remediate your property. Our team handles the logistics, from dumpster delivery to recycling and coordination with pest control services.

What Makes Eco Bear the Right Choice for Rossmoor Hoarder Property Cleaning

At Eco Bear, we show compassion to all of our clients. We treat you and your property with respect. Our fast response and project completion times help you avoid more consequences from your hoarded property. Safety is our top priority, and our goal is to provide you with a clean, sanitary and safe living environment.