Rossmoor is described as an affluent planned community in Orange County. Rossmoor is home to about 10,000 residents, residing in about 3,500 homes. About 40 percent of the Rossmoor population are families with children under the age of 18.

In addition to being a community with elegant housing, Rossmoor has a very low crime rate. Indeed, it oftentimes is called one of the safest communities in Orange County and all of Southern California. With that said, there have been a few significant crimes in the city, incidents that have thoroughly jarred the otherwise place the existence of the people that call Rossmoor home. Two such incidents in more recent times have been particularly violent and alarming.

The Murder of a 96-Year Old Woman in Rossmoor

One of the shocking crimes that rocked the residents of Rossmoor involved a 96-year old woman. The Orange County Sheriff Department received a report of gunfire at the residence in which the woman lived. (Due to the size of Rossmoor, the community does not have its own police force and is served by the sheriff’s department.)

When sheriff’s deputies arrived at the scene, they discovered that the elderly woman had been shot. She was declared dead at the scene.

Also in the residence at the time of the shooting was the deceased woman’s daughter. The daughter, 71-years old, was detained by deputies at the scene. In a short amount of time, law enforcement concluded that she was responsible for the killing of her mother. The daughter was arrested at the scene and ultimately was charged with the shooting death of her mother.

The investigation included the Orange County Coroner, performing an autopsy on the deceased woman. Ultimately, the sheriff announced that the fatal shooting arose from a domestic dispute in the household.

The Shooting of a Brother and Sister in Rossmoor

In another horrific incident in Rossmoor, the victims of a shooting ultimately survived. In this case, a 72-year old man was charged with the attempted murder of his two step-grandchildren. The victims were a 22-year old woman and a 72-year old man.

The female victim was admitted to the hospital in critical condition. She did survive. The male victim had more superficial wounds and was treated at the hospital and released. The underlying motive for the shootings was not entirely clear. It did seem to stem from some sort of ongoing dispute among the family members.

The Aftermath of a Violent Incident

When a person ends up shot, stabbed, or otherwise violently (or even fatally) wounded in a home (or business), there is a process that necessarily must follow. The first element of that process is a thorough, comprehensive investigation of the scene by the sheriff and the coroner. The objective is to glean all evidence necessary to pinpoint precisely what happened.

If someone has been killed, the remains are transported to the coroner’s office for a forensics evaluation. This typically includes an autopsy.

When the investigation of the scene is completed, and the remains of a deceased individual have been removed, the premises are returned to the owner. A good many people operate under the misperception the police or coroner deal with the cleanup following an incident like a homicide or suicide. This is not the case. The responsibility for biohazard cleanup in Rossmoor rests with the home or business owner.

The advisable course is to retain the services of a biohazard cleanup specialist. A biohazard cleanup professional possesses the equipment, materials, tools, and experience necessary to safely, thoroughly cleanup a homicide, suicide, or similar type of scene and restores it to a livable or usable condition. A biohazard cleanup in Rossmoor professional undertakes this vital work with compassion and in a manner that fully respects the privacy of the family and others who’ve lost a loved one through some sort of violent or sudden incident.

Rossmoor Grief Therapy

When faced with the sudden, traumatic, and even violent death of a family member or other loved one, the grief and bereavement process can be extremely challenging. Indeed, dealing with the emotional aftermath of the homicide, suicide, or other types of violent or sudden death can be overwhelming.

In many, many cases, a person who loses a loved one via violent death benefits from the assistance of a Rossmoor grief therapist. Professionals who provide this type of service in Rossmoor include:

Ana Arguello
Insanity Deconstructed
(562) 548-7758

Insanity Deconstructed provides a person struggling with the bereavement process with access to individual and group grief therapy. A person can schedule a no obligation, no cost initial consultation at Insanity Deconstructed to discuss his or her therapy and treatment options.

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