A home is such a simple construct to envision. There are four walls, a roof, windows, and doors. The harsh elements of stinging cold and blistering heat have are kept at bay by this structure. The dangerous elements outside stay outside, and everyone in the home is safe. Few of us take the time to consider that some people don’t have a home to go to. When we do by chance recognize the existence of homelessness, we try to believe that it’s the result of some “evil” on the part of the person. Maybe they didn’t work hard enough. Maybe they made bad decisions along the way. 

Of the 552,830 homeless people in the United States, it’s believed that 25% of those people suffer from a severe mental illness. As many as 45% of the homeless have some type of mental illness that might contribute to behavioral issues and leave them unable to find, or keep, a job and enough money to live on. Substance abuse and homelessness are strongly correlated as well. Substance abuse leads to homelessness, but in some cases, homelessness also leads to substance abuse. 

The Dawn of Homeless Encampments

For as long as people have been on earth, they’ve gravitated toward one another. Human beings are very much social animals who enjoy being around others. In some ways, homeless life mimics early human civilizations. They live outdoors, finding shelter from weather when they can, and tend to congregate in groups or “camps.” Unlike early human civilization, though, we realize how risky living in these conditions can be. 

The Black Plague was the result of unsanitary living conditions in European cities that led to rodent infestations. Rodents carried the plague, and then fleas picked it up from the rodents and passed it onto humans. The result was a reign of death across the continent. This simple history lesson shows how dangerous it is to allow homeless encampments to exist in major cities like Rossmoor. Not only is it not safe because of violent crime in the streets and simple poor living conditions, but it’s dangerous because diseases can be caught and passed around among the members of the encampment (and even citizens that live around the encampment).

Eco Bear’s Mission to Clean Up Homeless Encampments

We recognize human homelessness for the tragedy as it is, and we hope that someday everyone can have a safe place to call home. You might notice our sentimental attachment to the first real words on our homepage: “Home is the nicest word there is,” a quote by Laura Ingalls Wilder. We’ve performed innumerable homeless encampment cleanups and know firsthand that these unhealthy, unsanitary, and often diseased encampments are in no way the kind of home that anyone would want for their loved ones. The homeless people who live here are often mentally ill and unaware of their conditions. We, however, are aware of those conditions and work hard to relocate their populations to safer places. 

The Process for Cleanup

Like all our biohazard cleanups, homeless encampment cleanup begins with a consultation. Sometimes the city hires us, and other times it might be a business or private citizen who has a large amount of property. No matter who hires us, we right away are up front about our services and pricing. We’re able to offer prices that are much lower than our competitors because we run a really efficient ship here at Eco Bear. When we don’t waste our money, we don’t have to waste yours either.

The goals of homeless encampment cleanup vary by project. Some encampments are almost like a level V hoarder house and contain things like needles, blood, rotting food and other items, soiled clothing, mold, mildew, and even human feces or animal carcasses and rodent infestations. When the encampment cleanup is this complicated and full of biohazards, we’re able to work with and bring in extra crew to make sure that the cleanup continues on schedule. We never fail to do whatever it takes to leave our customers happy with our service.

Every project has a “de-clutter, sanitize, and restore” game plan. We bring all the tools of the trade into this mission. Our team uses state of the art PPE gear to keep them safe, and then we have biohazard bags and bins to deal with the messier and more dangerous part of the job. We have all ultra modern biohazard cleanup tools at our disposal, so you know you’re getting the most thorough biohazard cleanup job imaginable. If you need to be on site, we’ll make sure that you’re able to safely do so and use specially ordered gear.

Have More Questions

Rossmoor has had greater issues with homeless encampments in recent years, so we understand that if your business or private property is suffering right now from these unhealthy conditions. Rossmoor government agencies often work with us, too, to make sure that these areas are cleaned up and beautified again for the city. Whatever your needs, we’re ready to talk whenever you are. You can get in touch with us here today at Eco Bear to discuss the options we have for your cleanup project. Rest assured that we also care very deeply for the homeless populations who benefit from our cleanups, too, and we will work with you on deciding how best to address their needs as well. Just contact us when you are ready to talk. Our consultation is completely free, with no obligation to hire us if you don’t feel we’re right for the job. Thanks for considering us for your homeless encampment cleanup in Rossmoor. We hope to help you soon.