Cleaning up after a crime scene is one of the most traumatic things that a person can do. When a crime occurs, the police are responsible for gathering evidence from the scene to convict the guilty person. You might not know that the police are not responsible for removing the debris and biohazards left behind though. They may leave behind even more trash on your property from their investigation efforts. When you need to remove human and biological waste after a crime in San Jacinto, you need to know what to do next and where to turn for help.

Crime Scene Definition

A crime scene is essentially any space where someone committed a crime. This can occur on private land where you live or on a commercial property that you own. A good example is a theft that occurs in your business. If an employee attempted to fight back, the criminal may react by attacking the person. This will leave behind skin cells and blood as well as human tissue. Crimes can also be much more violent such as rape or murder. Once the police finish their job and leave the scene, you can safely clean the area without worrying about potentially destroying evidence.

Why Should You Hire Someone for the Job?

The number one reason why you should hire someone to clean the crime scene is that it helps you avoid the traumatic experience. Whether you lost a loved one or found someone you care about injured after a crime, those memories can stick with you for the rest of your life. Those memories are even more traumatic when you need to clean the scene yourself. Another reason to hire professional cleaners is to make sure that the area receives the proper cleaning. The odds are good that you do not have the right materials or supplies that you need.

Crime Scene Cleanup Supplies

Cleaning up after a crime involves following the guidelines issued by OSHA in regards to commercial buildings. Not only do cleaners need to wear masks and goggles to protect their eyes, but they also need to wear protective gear over their clothing. Some of the tools that they use on the job include biohazard bags that keep materials from spilling out and sanitizing products that remove any traces of germs or bacteria. San Jacinto, California crime scene cleaners have access to all the tools and supplies that these scenes need.

Cleaning Crime Scenes

The first stage in a crime scene cleanup in San Jacinto is the cleaning itself. Professionals know how to identify any specific problems at the crime scene, but they also know what tools and products each area needs. They’ll bring large bags that have biohazard labels on the outside that they use to remove human waste as well as anything that touches blood or human remains. Workers use products that remove all traces of bloodstains and any odors left behind at the scene. They will also remove all trash and debris from the crime scene.

Sanitizing San Jacinto Crime Scenes

As important as cleaning is, sanitizing a crime scene is nearly as important. Did you know that certain diseases spread through contaminated pathogens such as blood? If someone overdosed in a restaurant bathroom, the blood that they leave behind might spread hepatitis and other conditions, which is why you and your employees should not touch that blood. Proper sanitizing both removes the germs and bacteria in the room and stops the spread of certain diseases. Crime scene cleanup crews use the same sanitizing products that hospitals and medical practices use.

Crime Scene Deodorizing

Decomposition is a process that occurs as cells break down. Crime scene investigators occasionally work on scenes where someone passed away but was not found before decomposition began. As the cells in the human body break down, they leave behind odors that cling to the surrounding surfaces. That is why morticians and other professionals use scented sprays and lotions when working with dead bodies. San Jacinto crime scene cleanup crews use deodorizing agents that eliminate those smells. While you can try over the counter products, these crews use professional products that work faster and eliminate more odors.

San Jacinto Crime Rate

Located in Riverside County, San Jacinto is a peaceful community that is susceptible to different types of crimes. The city’s current crime rate is more than 80% higher than towns and cities of a similar size in California. More than 270 out of every 100,000 residents will become a victim of a crime in the next year. This includes smaller crimes such as thefts and more serious crimes, including rape and assault. Those crimes can occur as a resident walks home from work or after hanging out with friends as well as in their homes. Knowing how to get help when someone you know is a victim of a crime can help you get the crime scene cleanup that you need.

The Cost of Crime Scene Cleanup

Many people want to know who pays for crime scene cleanup services and how much the process cost. This depends on many factors though, including the type of crime that was committed and the amount of cleaning required. Before calling a cleaning company, you should check with your insurer. Many policies cover crime scene cleanup, including policies that cover your home and place of business. You can also check with the California Victim Compensation Board, which provides up to $1,000 in funds that you can use for crime scene cleaning. In some cases, you may qualify for other funds that reduce your costs. When it comes to crime scene cleaning in San Jacinto, California, a good company can make the process go as smoothly as possible.