San Jacinto, one of the oldest cities in Riverside County, has a current population of about 45,000. Of the total number of households in San Jacinto, nearly 50 percent consists of families with children under the age of 18. In other words, the community is one of the most family-friendly and family-full in all of Southern California.

San Jacinto is appealing to families because of its highly regarded schools. San Jacinto is also home to a wide array of recreational, cultural, entertainment, and other offerings. In addition, the city has a relatively low crime rate, which is attractive to people from all walks of life.

Despite the fact that life is quite pleasant on all fronts in San Jacinto there have been instances when an incident occurs that rocks the normally placid flow of living in the city. One such case was a startling murder-suicide that occurred at the San Jacinto Valley Cemetery.

A Murder and a Suicide at the San Jacinto Valley Cemetery

A husband and wife were at the San Jacinto Valley Cemetery at about 9:30 at night. While at the cemetery, the husband turned a gun on his wife and then shot himself.

The San Jacinto office of the Riverside Sheriff’s Department was called to the San Jacinto Valley Cemetery. When deputies arrived at the scene, the man and the woman were found dead. The Riverside Coroner was then called to the scene to join in the investigation of the murder-suicide.

Investigators remain essentially uncertain as to the immediate reason why the man shot his wife and then took his own life. Investigators did suggest that there may have been issues centering on domestic violence between the couple. Additionally, there was no clear understanding as to why the couple was at the cemetery. The wife appears to have arrived at the cemetery initially. The husband evidently joined her at the cemetery sometime after 9:00 in the evening.

The family of the couple involved in the murder-suicide reported that the understandably were devastated by the incident. In many ways, an incident like a murder-suicide marks the beginning of what can be a long and challenging process. On some level, the family was saved some of the gut-wrenching challenges that follow a violent death of a loved one because the husband and wife died at a cemetery and not at their residence.

The Aftermath of a San Jacinto Murder-Suicide

Had the married couple violently died in their residence, their surviving family members would have had an even more difficult task to undertake. When a person dies a violent death in a home, the cleanup process that follows is the responsibility of surviving family members. Some people labor under the misperception that the police or sheriff and the coroner deal with biohazard cleanup in San Jacinto.

Even though a family bears responsibility for this type of highly challenging cleanup, mental health and biohazard cleanup specialists are in agreement that they should not personally undertake this effort. The reality is that family members who lose a loved one by homicide, suicide, accident, or some other traumatic deaths face a tremendously challenging bereavement process. The recommendation is that they should not take on more grief, which naturally occurs when an individual directly and personally undertakes biohazard cleanup.

There are skilled, experienced biohazard cleanup specialists who can effectively take on the highly challenging task of biohazard remediation. These biohazard remediators undertake a four-phase process to safely and effectively eliminate dangerous pathogens and restore a home to a livable condition. These steps are:

  • Initial cleanup of a scene
  • Sanitization of the scene
  • Deodorization of the scene
  • Restoration of the scene to a habitable condition

San Jacinto Grief Therapy

As mentioned a moment ago, the level of grief that follows the loss of a loved one by suicide, homicide, or accident is profound. In addition to engaging the service of a professional biohazard cleanup in San Jacinto specialist, a person who’s lost a loved one by suicide, homicide, accident, or some other sudden or violent death should consider the benefits to be had through individual or group grief therapy. There are San Jacinto grief therapists that can provide compassionate professional therapeutic support to a person laboring to make it through the bereavement process. Typically, a grief therapist will schedule an initial consultation to discuss a proper course of support for a person dealing with profound grief. These therapists include:

Donna Anthony
442 W Esplanade Ave
San Jacinto, California 92583
(909) 295-7467

Niedha Iota Welch
San Jacinto, California 92583
(661) 367-8852

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