A homeless encampment is a temporary or makeshift settlement or shelter that can develop within any available outdoor space. Such encampments can consist of smaller groups of people, or they can extend for several miles or across multiple pieces of property in San Jacinto, CA. While the basic human need for shelter is understandable, the conditions common in homeless encampments can present a series of potentially dangerous health and safety hazards. For this reason, it’s best to have these locations properly cleaned once they are cleared out. Eco Bear Biohazard Cleaning Company is ready to help you achieve this goal promptly, safely, efficiently, and affordably.

Why Doing Cleanup Yourself Isn’t a Good Idea

Even when a homeless encampment in San Jacinto, CA, is fairly limited in scope and size, it can still be filled with an assortment of biological hazards, or biohazards. Some of the more common materials of this nature often found within makeshift settlements includes: 

  • Human waste and bodily fluids
  • Blood
  • Animal waste from wandering animals or ones kept as “pets” by encampment residents
  • Needles, razor blades, small spoons, short plastic straws, and other drug paraphernalia
  • Waste from various pests

It can be just as risky to have your own employees handle cleanup responsibilities if a homeless encampment is on your commercial property. Doing so can expose your staff to any of the biohazards mentioned above. These materials also tend to contain pathogens. These are microorganisms invisible to the naked eye that can contribute to various diseases and illnesses. For instance, blood can be infected with pathogens containing HIV or ones associated with various types of hepatitis.

DIY encampment cleanup in San Jacinto, CA, is also best avoided because most people don’t have the equipment and resources required to safely handle this task. Specifically, most individuals who don’t normally deal with biohazard cleanup don’t have access to: 

  • Proper biohazard safety gear
  • Chemicals and equipment needed for safe and effective encampment cleaning
  • The type of training required to plan and complete this type of cleaning

How We Prepare for Biohazard Cleanup at San Jacinto, Ca, Homeless Encampments

Because of the possibility of exposure to biohazards, we approach homeless encampment cleanup in San Jacinto as if it the location is a biohazardous site. What this means is that our biohazard cleanup team will arrive fully prepared with proper personal protective equipment (PPE). This includes: 

  • A mask or respirator
  • Protective goggles
  • Gloves
  • Smocks, aprons, or other protective body coverings

Our Approach to Homeless Encampment Cleaning

At Eco Bear, we have a comprehensive and detail-oriented approach to homeless encampment cleanup in San Jacinto, CA. Our process can be broadly broken down into three steps, which are mentioned below.

1. Cleaning

We begin the homeless encampment process with the removal of physical items located within the site. Items that can be salvaged may be placed in a separate location for former residents of the encampment to claim. Anything that is contaminated in some way will be placed in biohazard bags or containers. These items are then properly disposed of as per state and local regulations and guidelines.

2. Sanitization

Once biohazards are removed from a homeless encampment in San Jacinto, pathogens may still remain on various surfaces. In order to reduce the risk of spreading lingering pathogens to anyone who may pass through the site, our cleaning technicians use medical-grade chemicals to properly sanitize surfaces in the affected area. This is a mitigation step we take to prevent exposure to dangerous pathogens.

3. Restoration

Lastly, our cleaning professionals will take any other steps necessary to fully restore the affected area. For instance, there may be a need to use products that help with odor removal if there are lingering odors within the former encampment site. You’ll have a chance to view the location after our team is finished. We always aim to leave our clients fully satisfied with our results.

Why Choose Us for Homeless Encampment Cleanup in San Jacinto

Woman-owned and veteran-led, we’re a locally based company with a solid reputation for putting client needs first. Choosing Eco Bear for homeless encampment cleanup in San Jacinto, CA, also means you’ll benefit from our: 

  • Reasonable rates
  • Attention to every detail
  • Commitment to client satisfaction
  • Convenient scheduling options and availability

Put the Eco Bear Team To Work for You

Take the risk out of homeless encampment cleanup in San Jacinto, CA, and let the trained, licensed, and fully prepared Eco Bear team help. We have a comprehensive and meticulous approach to cleaning tasks of this nature. Our goal is to leave you with property that’s once again safe to use and access. Should encampments return after our initially cleaning, we’ll gladly help you out again with follow-up cleanings.

Contact us today about homeless encampment cleanup in San Jacinto, CA, and we’ll get you started with an accurate, honest quote.