Hoarding disorder is more common than you might think. Mental health professionals estimate that 2% to 5% of the population is affected by this condition. The compulsive acquiring of belongings combined with the inability to make sound decisions about what to get rid of leads to a home and property that are filled with items. After years of hoarding, a home may no longer be safe to live in or accessible for moving. In many cases, essential areas are no longer able to be used for their intended purpose. At Eco Bear, we’re proud to offer affordable and effective hoarder property cleaning in San Jacinto, CA. As a women-owned and operated business, we take pride in helping our clients enjoy a safe, healthy and comfortable place to live.

How Hoarding Affects a Home and Property

Hoarding affects a home and property in many ways. Precariously balanced stacks of items are at risk of falling. This puts the home’s occupants at risk of being trapped or crushed. When a property is full of items, it’s difficult for repair and service professionals to access utilities and plumbing. If there’s a water leak, electrical problem or gas leak, professionals may not be able to get to or find the source of the problem. Some other ways hoarding affects a home and property include:

  • Inability to access toilet, bathtub or shower
  • Lack of access to refrigerator, oven or kitchen sink
  • Inaccessible stairs
  • Entrances blocked 
  • Inability for first responders to enter building
  • Water or mold damage
  • Electrical hazards
  • Structural problems from weight of hoarded items
  • Pest or vermin infestations
  • Growth of mold on rotted food
  • City code violations

Why Our Hoarder Property Cleaning Services Are Critical to Health and Safety

Our hoarder property cleaning services in San Jacinto restore safety to the home and property. If you’ve been worried about tripping and falling, getting trapped in the hoard or having a medical emergency and first responders not being able to get to you in your home, our services will give you peace of mind. We clear out the hoarded items so that you can safely access essential areas of your home, including the bathroom and kitchen. Our services also allow emergency medical technicians to get a stretcher into your home if you or your loved one has a medical emergency. If repairs are needed to your appliances, plumbing, electrical, roof or other home systems clearing the hoard is an essential first step in getting your home in a habitable and safe condition.

Types of Hoarder Properties We Clean

Each person’s experience with hoarding disorder is different. No two hoards are the same. Our Eco Bear cleaning team has seen it all when it comes to hoarder property cleaning in San Jacinto. We clean all sizes of hoarder properties, including small apartments, single and multi-story family homes, estates, business properties, farms, ranches and more. It doesn’t matter to us if the hoard is in the home, spread across the property, in a barn or outbuildings or in all of these locations. We have the skills, equipment and resources to efficiently clear the space. Some of the types of San Jacinto hoards we clean are:

  • Accumulations from compulsive shopping disorder
  • Inherited items, antiques and collections
  • Items accumulated over decades of raising children or owning a business
  • Properties affected by pet hoarding
  • Trash, rotted food, damaged items and biological waste
  • Large items and outdoor hoards, including vehicles and equipment

Who Benefits From Our Hoarder Property Cleaning Company’s Services

People of any age, income level, education level or life experience can develop hoarding disorder. We’re known for our compassion and professionalism, and we don’t judge our clients or their families. There’s no shame in asking for help to get your or your loved one’s home safe, clean and healthy. At Eco Bear, we work with anyone who needs help removing a hoard. We work with the person who has hoarding disorder as well as families of people with hoarding disorder. If you’re a property owner or manager and a tenant with hoarding disorder filled one of your units, we’ll clear the hoard and restore the property so that you can lease it again. You’ll benefit from our hoarder property cleaning company services if you:

  • Have a health condition or disability that makes cleaning difficult
  • Aren’t sure where to begin getting rid of the hoard
  • Don’t know how to safely remove hoarded items
  • Don’t have time to clean the hoarded property
  • Are afraid of getting started
  • Have a difficult time making decisions
  • Are afraid of doing it the wrong way
  • Inherited the hoarded property and need to move in or sell it
  • Have an injury or illness and need a safe home environment for recovery
  • Are facing fines or legal action from the city
  • Received complaints from angry neighbors about your property
  • Want to live in a clean, safe and healthy home
  • Are going through life changes and want to improve your situation

Reasons To Choose Eco Bear for Hoarder Property Cleaning

At Eco Bear, our experienced, trained and skilled team of hoarder property cleaners efficiently cleans any size or type of hoard. We have built a strong reputation throughout the San Jacinto community for honest, thorough and professional hoarder property cleaning services. We work with the highest ethical standards. Our connections with local professionals, including waste haulers, recycling partners, towing services and the Humane Society allow us to properly handle the hoarded items and remove them from your property.