On March 17, 2020, the Santa Ana City Council unanimously declared a local state of emergency to stop the spread and protect the health and wellbeing of the residents of our community. Eco Bear, the leading Santa Ana COVID-19 cleaning company, activated its own readiness strategies to provide assistance to businesses, homeowners and others in the community. An independently owned, Southern California business ourselves, Eco Bear has the experience and resources necessary to completely eradicate a COVID-19 contamination in a business, residence, rental property, or other location. If you believe you have an issue with COVID-19 contamination, you can reach us right now at (818) 358-4359.

About Eco Bear

Eco Bear was founded by a community-minded woman business leader and a dedicated vet who turned his attention to assisting others in challenging situations when his tour of duty ended. Launching Eco Bear has fulfilled their goals of being of service to their Southern California neighbors.

The Eco Bear team has developed a strong reputation for taking on the most challenging biohazard remediation projects. These include everything from crime scene cleanup to suicide cleanup to unattended death cleanup. Eco Bear has been on the frontline of combating infectious disease contamination in Santa Ana and throughout Southern California. Thus, when it comes to protecting your business or home from the dangers of an infectious disease, COVID-19 presents an opponent our team knows how to fight. 

Eco Bear has a fair pricing plan. The fact is that we offer the most reasonable COVID-19 cleaning rates to be found anywhere. Time and again, our fee for coronavirus cleaning and disinfection beats the competition – and usually by a significant amount of your hard-earned money. 

Before a Santa Ana COVID-19 cleaning and disinfecting job begins, we provide a complete and reliable estimate. There are never any hidden fees. We are wholly committed to fully upfront and easy to understand pricing. 

About Comprehensive Santa Ana COVID-19 Cleaning

In theory, a home or business owner can attempt to undertake COVID-19 remediation on their own. The problem is that this invisible invader is very dangerous. COVID-19 has been classified as a highly contagious virus by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

As will be discussed in greater detail in a moment, COVID-19 can contaminate wide swaths of your home, business, rental property, or other location. Fully and safely eradicating this potentially deadly virus requires:

  • Appropriate PPE
  • Equipment and tools designed to take on COVID-19 wherever it may be in your business, home, or other location
  • Medical-grade disinfectant

How COVID-19 Can Spread in Your Business, Residence, or Rental Property

COVID-19 spreads in two primary ways. First, the virus can spread via person to person contact. Second, COVID-19 can spread when the virus is left on surfaces and objects by an infected individual. This is where Eco Bear comes into play. Our seasoned, tenacious team eradicates COVID-19 no matter where it is to be found.

A significant challenge associated with the COVID-19 pandemic is that a large percentage of people who have the infection show no signs or very minimal symptoms. Simply put, many people don’t realize they have a COVID-19 infection.

Unlike viruses, a person with COVID-19 infection is contagious even when he or she isn’t showing any symptoms. As a result, asymptomatic infected individuals can shed and spread COVID-19 in your home or business without evening knowing they are carriers of this potentially fatal virus. 

What a COVID-19 Infection Can Do to You and Others

As mentioned, a significant number of people experience mild symptoms if infected with COVID-19, or none at all. Unfortunately, there is an ever-growing and alarming cohort of infected men, women, and children who have severe symptoms. A yet to be fully determined number of COVID-infected people end up in the critical care unit of hospitals, literally unable to breathe. These patients end up on breathing machines known as ventilators. The stark reality associated with COVID-19 patients on ventilators is that upwards of 80% will not survive. 

Keep in mind that these statistics are subject to change as medical professionals and infectious disease experts learn more about COVID-19. The point is, however, that COVID-19 has the potential for causing a fatal infection for some people exposed to this deadly virus. 

Eco Bear COVID-19 Rapid Response Team

The risks associated with a potential COVID-19 contamination are profound. As a result, Eco Bear has created a Santa Ana COVID-19 cleaning rapid response team. You can call us at (818) 358-4359 – any time day or night, 365 days a year, including all major holidays. Our rapid response team will be at your location and ready to begin the remediation process without delay. We’re your neighbors… and we’re here for you.