Santa Ana is the county seat and second most populated community in Orange County. The city has a population approaching 340,000 people.

In addition to having a myriad of cultural, entertainment, and recreational opportunities, Santa Ana is a remarkably safe community. In fact, Santa Ana has been ranked as the fourth safest city in the country with a population over 250,000.

Santa Ana, California is the second most populous city located in Orange County with an estimated population of 340,000. This beautiful city situated at the base of the pristine Santa Ana Mountain Range and near the tranquil Santa Ana River has much to offer both residents and visitors. This town is the home base of the Santa Ana Zoo with its adorable monkey exhibit – a favorite for kids, a splendid walk-through aviary complete with spectacular birds of every hue and a relaxing mini-train ride for both the young and young-at-heart to experience.

The impressive Bower’s Museum has a large collection of phenomenal Native American art on full display, and The Discovery Cube Orange County is a must-do for young children due to this children’s museum’s interactive hands-on science exhibits. Another grand museum popular with tourists is the famed Heritage Museum of Orange County that features gorgeous restored historical homes from the late 1890’s set amidst absolutely stunning gardens that everyone will appreciate.

The city of Santa Ana is a haven for art enthusiasts of many different styles. There are plenty of exciting outdoor activities to pursue, and the region boasts some of the best cultural arts and entertainment options to suit every age and personality. This city also is proud of its overall safety status which is 4th in the country when comparing cities with over 250,00 people. Even so, there are still incidents of violent crime from time to time. When this occurs, a local family-run Santa Ana biohazard cleanup and property remediation team known as Eco Bear is there when residents need them the most.

The recent brutal stabbing of 4 members of an Anaheim family has shaken up this rather laid back community. The accused suspect is a 20-year-old who is related to two of the victims but doesn’t reside in the same home. All of the stabbing victims did survive after a quick-acting neighbor grabbed a bat and ran the assailant off of the property. Prompt medical care was crucial in these victims’ recovery. The suspect was later apprehended and charged with attempted murder. He has an extensive past criminal record that will likely keep him locked up for a long time.

Four Family Members Brutally Stabbed in Santa Ana

Although not at all commonplace in Santa Ana, crime does happen. This includes terribly violent crimes. An example involved four members who were brutally stabbed in their own home by a 20-year old man. The assailant was identified as a nephew of two of the stabbing victims. He did not reside in the residence where the violent crime occurred.

The assailant ultimately was subdued by a Good Samaritan, a neighbor of the Santa Ana stabbing victims. During the assault, one of the victims stumbled out of the house, bleeding. A neighbor across the street caught site of this and realized a violent situation had developed at his neighbors’ home. He grabbed a baseball bat and a crowbar. The neighbor ran across the street and took on the assailant, saving the lives of the victims and driving the violent intruder from the premises. The victims were taken to an area hospital. They all survived the assault.

The man was arrested by the Santa Ana Police a short time later. The man was taken into custody and charged with multiple crimes. The police did not immediately release information on the motivation for the attack. These charges include premeditated attempted murder. Because of the man’s prior criminal record, he faces a sentencing enhancement that would require a mandatory life sentence if convicted.

The Aftermath of a Violent Incident in a Residence or Business

There are different types of violent incidents that can necessitate the need for thorough cleaning of the premises. In the aftermath of a murder or suicide, the scene can be contaminated not only with blood, but also other types of biological materials. A clean up of this nature can be highly challenging. In addition, it can prove to present dangers to individuals that come into contact with these biological materials.

Blood, bodily fluids, and other biological material can contain dangerous pathogens. These can include different viruses and bacteria that include:

  • MRSA
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • HIV

In the case involving the four family members that were stabbed, because they were the residents of the home, they were responsible for the cleanup after the crime. Odds are in this case, there likely was a good deal of blood to be cleaned up. There were four victims and the assailant violently attacked all of them with a knife.

In theory, the victims could have undertaken the cleanup of the residence on their own. That is not necessarily the recommended course. The reality is that these individuals had already endured a horrific experience. They will face emotional challenges following the attack. These emotions should not be further aggravated, which is something that can happen if they personally embark on the clean up of their home. In the end, engaging the services of a biohazard cleanup in Santa Ana specialist is an advisable course to take.

Specific safety precautions must be taken when it comes to cleaning up blood or other bodily fluids. Biohazard cleanup in Santa Ana specialists has the proper personal protective gear to undertake this type of remediation. The gears which anyone needs to use includes:

  • Goggles
  • Gloves
  • Smock or apron
  • Gloves

Common Aftermath Scene Dangers Following a Violent Crime on Private Property

There are a variety of incidents that will result in a crucial need for the premises to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. Following a suicide, there is often biohazards present in the victims spilled blood, urine and/or vomit left on the scene. In the aftermath of a violent crime, there can be other biological materials as well as blood that property owners will have to clean up.

Cleaning these scenes of violent acts can not only be challenging for the unprofessional, but it can also be downright dangerous due to the many infectious pathogens that are commonly found following stabbings, assaults, rapes, suicides, and homicides. Some of the pathogens that may be present include:

  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • HIV

Many home and business owners are unaware that if any type of crime occurs somewhere on their private property, they will bear the responsibility alone to clean the site up. Since biohazardous material including deadly pathogens are likely to be encountered, the safest way to remedy the situation is to call on a professional cleanup and restoration company that deals with cleaning up after these types of events.

The sheer magnitude of attempting to clean up this kind of disaster cannot be fully understood by laymen that never have encountered this type of gruesome scenario before. Hiring cleanup experts with topnotch biohazard experience is the best way to ensure protection from any transmittable diseases. A seasoned cleanup team will also have advanced training on the important steps to prevent cross-contamination of the pathogens into other areas that were previously not affected by the incident.

The Emotional Impact that Seeing the Scene Where Violence or Death Occurred on Victims & Family Members

Any incident that involves serious violence is difficult enough to recover from after a long grieving period. When crime victims or families of suicide or murder victims must face the enormous and anguishing task of cleaning away the evidence of the crime or death they are almost always still in a place of shock and are dealing with so much that they never expected. Rather than chance becoming even more stressed out, why not hire a discrete and respectful biohazard cleanup service such as Eco Bear to effectively complete this incredibly difficult job instead?

Trained biohazardous cleanup experts in Santa Ana will have all of the necessary protective attire and gear to complete the job without contracting an illness due to pathogen exposure. Also called PPE – for personal protective equipment, there are some items that everyone should have on hand including:

  • Double Layer of Medical Grade Gloves
  • Facial Mask to Meet OSHA Standards
  • Eye Goggles or Plastic Face Shield/Mask
  • Protective Impervious Hospital Grade Gown, Apron or Other Attire

Steps to Take Following the Discovery of a Deceased Body

Sadly, despite new inroads in how to spot and appropriately intercede when someone is exhibiting signs of depression, the suicide rate is still high all across the country. In Santa Ana, this dreadful event does occur from time to time. While there are a lot of people who think that this is something only young disturbed teenagers would try, the evidence says otherwise.

Today, there is an increasing number of suicides being reported among seniors than ever before. Not much is known as to the reasons for this, but it is clear that depression, anxiety and other often misdiagnosed or hidden mental health disorders can contribute to a follow through with these types of threats.

Suicide is a tragedy that nobody wants to think about. This reluctance to openly acknowledge the problem only serves to make those that feel hopeless even more alone and scared. In Santa Ana, there are some outstanding places where individuals can go for assistance in overcoming mental health issues. There are also many caring grief counselors in the area able to work with the family members of suicide victims. One place to contact knowledgeable Santa Ana Therapists is online.

Can Rat Droppings Really Make People as Sick as Has Been Reported?

Many people do not believe the hype about the dangers of clearing out rodent nests. Rats, mice and other rodents will generally come inside accessible buildings like homes, apartment buildings, factories, and other businesses in order to find food and a nice dry spot to make their nests. Health experts have sounded the alarm about the types of health dangers that exposure to these droppings can cause.

There are a number of serious diseases that health and safety specialists have determined to be connected to rat or mice dropping exposure. This often happens without the person’s knowledge. When rat droppings are in areas with even just a light layer of dust, the pathogens that cause illness present in the droppings can be easily transferred onto those minute dust particles.

When someone disturbs the area either by kicking, cleaning, sweeping or running a vacuum cleaner, these dust particles will float into the air making any present pathogens suddenly airborne. When a person or another animal breathes in this dusty air, they could later become sick.

Some diseases and syndromes frequently associated with rat or other rodent feces include:

  • Plague
  • Salmonellosis
  • Tularemia
  • Leptospirosis
  • Hantavirus & Syndromes

This is only a small part of the 35 known diseases that rats and their droppings, saliva, and urine can spread directly. There are also a number of indirectly transmitted diseases like Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and others. These are generally spread when fleas and ticks bite an infected rat or mouse then bites a human or animal down the road.

Hantavirus has been making the news headlines often over the past few years. Young and healthy individuals have died due to this deadly pathogen. In these cases, the victims and sometimes the doctors believe that they just have a case of the flu. There are no preventative vaccines or cures for Hantavirus, and the only effective treatment is basically treating the illness’s symptoms. The common symptoms that everyone should be on the lookout for are:

  • Quick Onset of High Fever
  • Nausea & Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Dehydration
  • Extreme Fatigue & Lethargy
  • Headaches
  • Chills
  • Eventual Stomach/Abdominal Cramping
  • Difficulty in Breathing as Illness Rapidly Progresses
  • Organ Shut-Down & Even Death in End Stages

If there are signs that rodents including mice and rats are on your property, take steps to safely trap and remove them if possible. To stay safe during this process, hire a competent Santa Ana biohazard cleanup specialist like Eco Bear that also can restore property that has been damaged in an appropriate, safe, fast and effective manner.

Once Rodents Are Kicked Out, Don’t Let Them Back Inside

As with many things in life, prevention of the bad situation is always the better strategy. With regards to a rodent infestation, after hiring a professional and responsible biohazard rat dropping clean-up team to kick those nasty unwanted intruders out of your building, don’t allow them back inside for a repeat show.

There are ways to tell if a rat, mouse or other rodent has taken up illegal residence in your habitat. Some include:

  • Carefully Inspecting Your Entire Property
  • Look for Burrows and Disturbed Ground and Dirt Outside
  • Tracks with Feet & Tail Imprints in Dust Layers
  • Any Nesting Material
  • Scratching or Squeaking Noises Especially Behind Walls
  • Rat Droppings & Urine Stains
  • Chewed On Furniture Legs, Food Boxes, Electrical Wiring & More
  • Chewed Bones, Pieces of Nut/Fruit Shells, etc.
  • Pets Inside Showing Excitable Behaviors

Instead, follow the prevention measures that government health and safety officials like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention strongly recommend for any home or business. These steps are:

  • Remove Any Garden/Lawn Waste Regularly
  • Keep Firewood Up Off Ground & Away from Structures
  • Block Any Outdoor Holes
  • Seal Any Openings That Rodents Can Get Through
  • Store Bird Feed, Pet Food & Other Potential Rat Feast in Sealed Containers Away From Reach
  • Never Put Meats in Your Compost Pile
  • Keep Garbage Cans Clean & Covered
  • Keep Camp Food Stored in Proper Containers
  • Seal & Contain Food in Glass or Metal Containers
  • Keep Premises Clean

The threat that rat droppings pose to humans should get the attention of everyone. This is a serious health and safety concern for both residential homeowners, businessmen, and healthcare agencies. Taking preventative steps to avoid the infestation by rodents in the first place is the better strategy. If rodent activity is present on your property, call Eco Bear to discuss their biohazard cleanup and property remediation services with a friendly representative.

There are times when a general cleaning is just not going to cut it. In situations where dangerous pathogens are likely to present, people are cautioned to proceed with the utmost care to prevent becoming ill. There are an excellent biohazard cleanup and remediation business right in Santa Ana ready to provide prompt, courteous and effective assistance for all of your special cleaning needs.

Santa Ana Counselors and Therapists

In the aftermath of a traumatic event, a person is likely to experience a variety of different types of emotions. Indeed, a person may end up facing depression, anxiety, and PTSD. These emotional responses to a traumatic event can be hard, if not impossible, to deal with on their own. There are Santa Ana counselors and therapists that provide services to people who’ve experienced some sort of traumatic event. These include therapists that work with victims of crime. They also serve the needs of clients who’ve lost loved ones to suicide or homicide.

Santa Ana therapists that provide these types of services include:

Adult and Adolescent Psychology
2030 East Fourth Street, Suite 134
Santa Ana, California 92705
(714) 752-0848

The Open Door Center
540 North Golden Circle, 
Suite #312
Santa Ana, California 92705
(657) 237-2429

Body and Spirit Wellness Therapy
980 West 17th Street, 
Suite C
Wellington Square
Santa Ana, California 92706
(714) 786-8251

These experienced, compassionate therapists will schedule an initial consultation at no cost. They can provide assess to the group and individual therapy for a client.

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