People move to Santa Ana, California for its beautiful sunny days, its relatively low cost of living, and its laid-back family vibe. Popular neighborhoods like Thornton Park, Meredith Kirkwood Morrison-Eldridge Parr, make the town a wonderful place for families.It stands to reason that most people who live here are probably not used to having to deal with crime scene cleaning.

If you find yourself having to deal with crime scene cleaning and you’re not exactly sure where to turn, this is where we come in. Our professional, compassionate teams handle the practical side of crime scene cleanup while you focus on getting the rest of your life back in order. 

What are the benefits of going with professional crime scene cleaning?

A crime scene or the location of a traumatic accident can be extremely difficult to take in emotionally. This is especially true for people who may have been connected to the victim of the crime or accident, but it can also be true of people who don’t have any first-hand connection to the victim. By working with a professional crime scene cleaning company, you don’t have to deal with any of that. They can focus on handling all of the difficult, visual details of the crime scene, 

Another reason that it makes sense to work with professional crime scene cleaning companies is because they have the tools necessary to make sure that the cleanup is done properly. Crime scene cleanup takes care of the biohazardous waste that’s left behind at crime scenes. If there wasn’t this type of waste located at crime scenes, you could simply hire a very good cleaning company to come in and do the cleaning. But because biohazardous waste remains, you need to work with a company that knows exactly how to dispose of this type of potentially dangerous material.

Our teams focus on removing the biohazardous waste from the scene so that the site can be used for its original use once again. If biohazardous waste is not removed from the crime scene, anyone entering the room could be exposed to many different types of diseases.

Why is biohazardous waste so dangerous?

Biohazardous waste is waste that contains microorganisms called pathogens. Pathogens come in the form of bacteria, viruses, worms, fungi, and protozoa. Biohazardous waste includes blood-borne pathogens, animal pathogens, plant pathogens, and other types of infectious materials. When you hear of diseases like HIV, hepatitis A, pneumonia, hepatitis B, you’re hearing about diseases that are caused by pathogens. When a violent crime is committed, the waste left behind is filled with all types of pathogens. If the site is not properly cleaned and the waste disposed of in the right way, the site will not be safe for future use.

What type of biohazardous waste is found in a crime scene?

The types of biohazardous waste found at crime scenes include blood, vomit, bodily fluids, brain matter, and any other potentially infectious material located at the site.

Are crime scene cleaners sensitive to what’s happened at crime scenes?

The very best crime scene cleaners may be extremely good at what they do, but they also need to be extraordinarily empathetic. With our team, we know exactly what’s happened at every scene we visit, and we know how it’s affecting loved ones or associates left behind. We are extremely compassionate and respectful of the space and of our clients, and we work to make sure that we approach each job with the dignity that it deserves.

What types of sites are handled under the umbrella of crime scene cleanup?

Even though the term is technically “crime scene cleaning”, a crime doesn’t have to have been committed in order for crime scene cleaning to be done. The term really focuses on biohazardous waste removal and cleaning. There are many different sites and incidents that could use this type of service.

Tear gas cleanup

Cleaning up tear gas residue is one of the most dangerous jobs a crime scene cleaner can do. Because tear gas is literally meant to disable humans, anybody breathing it in will be knocked down, and it hangs in the air long after it’s been released. Not only is it difficult to remove from surfaces, but it can also change composition depending on the temperature in a space. If it’s not completely cleared out of a room, it can be breathed in by anyone entering the space, causing severe and dangerous respiratory and skin issues. Our crime scene cleanup technicians are skilled in removing this type of matter from any site.

Unattended death

If a person lives alone and they don’t have contact with too many people, they could easily die alone. It could be days, weeks, or even months before anyone discovers the body. Our crime scene cleaners can go in and deal with the biohazardous waste that comes about as a result of unattended bodies being left alone for extended periods of time.

Odor removal

You may be dealing with a situation where you’re dealing with biohazardous waste that results in extreme odor. Sometimes the waste is cleaned up, but the odor remains. Our crime scene cleanup technicians can go in and remove the odor with special deodorizers that are approved by OSHA and the EPA and that are specifically intended to remove the microorganisms that cause odor. 

If the odor is extremely bad, we can use ozone generators. Ozone generators release ozone gas into the room that targets the microorganisms that are causing the odor, completely eliminating the stench.

Crime scene cleaning up as a very extensive and tricky process. It needs to be done properly so that contaminated sites can be returned to hospital level of sanitization. Give us a call if you have any questions about the process or would like to look into it further.