Cleaning up a hoarder property in Santa Ana is a big deal, but it can be done with the right team on board. Hoarder properties present their own unique challenges when it comes to restoring them to habitability. The cleaning that will need to be done will be much more than a simple deep clean. Hoarder houses have unique issues that should be addressed by cleanup teams used to handling the specific issues that come with hoarder houses.

What Is a Hoarder House?

A hoarder house is a house that has been filled from top to bottom with an overwhelming excess of items brought into the house by a person with hoarding disorder (the “hoarder”)who lives in the home. Hoarders have a compulsion to hoard everything they own, rarely if ever throwing anything out. They collect random items and store them in any place in the house that has room. After a while, the home becomes overstuffed, and rooms are no longer able to be used as they were intended. Good grooming and sanitary habits disappear as it becomes difficult to clean and keep things clean, and the house will most likely dissolve into squalor.

What Is Biohazardous Waste?

There are many different types of waste found in hoarder houses, but the type of waste that is the most dangerous is biohazardous waste. Bio-hazardous waste is waste that contains pathogens like the viruses and bacteria that cause diseases in humans. When you talk about diseases like hepatitis A and hbv, you’re talking about pathogens. Pathogens are spread in many different ways, including skin contact, droplets, liquid, and other methods of delivery. Examples of biohazardous waste in a hoarder house include animal waste, human waste, bodily fluids, garbage, sewer sewage, blood, and a host of other examples.

How Does Biohazardous Waste Accumulate in a Hoarder House?

Bio-hazardous waste accumulates and builds up in hoarder houses in several different ways. Key rooms like kitchens and bathrooms usually become overrun with junk in hoarder houses. Sinks filled with dishes and random objects can’t be used to wash dishes. Dishwasher filled with who-knows-what can’t be turned on. The hoarder simply stops washing dishes. 

Rotting food starts to build up in the kitchen and throughout other rooms in the house. This rotting food is at risk of spawning dangerous bacteria like E coli and salmonella. It also attracts vermin which brings along their own biohazard risks. Bathrooms with broken plumbing and standing water are literal cesspools. The entire situation is unhealthy both physically and mentally.

How Would Hoarder House Cleaners Be at Risk, and How Would They Protect Themselves?

When a cleaner comes on board, there are so many ways they could end up being at risk. If they’re not wearing protective gear, they’d be exposing themselves to waste at every turn. Simply touching a contaminated surface could expose them to pathogens. Touching an unwashed door knob, or working in a room covered with mold without the proper protections could cause them to get sick. 

To protect themselves, they’d have to wear PPE gear that protects them from the risk of biohazard exposure. Coveralls or bodysuits will help protect their clothes and skin. Goggles, face masks, respirators, and face shields help prevent pathogens from entering their eyes, mouths, and noses. If the site warrants it, they can wear special boots that protect their feet as they walk through the home. If they don’t use the boots, they’ll don shoe covers. Special prick-proof gloves will allow them to dig through suspicious piles of junk while protecting their fingers and hands. 

When Should You Get Professional Hoarder House Cleaning?

Choose professional hoarder house cleaning if you’ve recently bought or are going to buy a hoarder house “as is.” A professional cleaning will help whether you’re planning on living in the house yourself or if you’re planning on flipping it or renting it out. If someone were to get sick in a house that wasn’t properly cleaned, you’d be opening yourself up to liability. By working with professionals, you’re ensuring that the home will be completely clean and safe to live in. 

You should reach out for professional hoarder house cleaning if you have an order from your local authorities demanding that the house be properly cleaned in order to prevent the house from being repossessed. This type of action is usually the result of complaints from family members or even neighbors. The effects of hoarding frequently extend beyond the actual hoarder home, and this is when the authorities usually get involved.

Hoarding is a debilitating mental illness, and its sufferers need compassion and kindness. We understand the challenges of hoarder house cleaning and will work towards the best outcome for everyone, whether they’re a buyer breathing new life into a space or whether they’re a hoarders who are ready to heal.