Our community of Temecula is often called the “heart of the Southern California wine country” – and for good reason. Historically, our placid, friendly community has featured a leisurely and welcoming lifestyle. As is the case throughout Southern California, our day to day lives became significantly upended as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As Temecula and the rest of the state slowly moves towards what we are calling a reopening, we must maintain a sharp focus on protecting against the spread of the novel coronavirus, a responsibility of community members from individuals to business owners and others. Eco Bear, the local Temecula COVID-19 cleaning company of choice in our city, plays an important role in our return to relatively more normal operations. Eco Bear is committed to protecting against and remediating COVID-19 contamination and can be reached any time at (818) 358-4359.

About Eco Bear Temecula COVID-19 Cleaning Company and How We’re Here for You

Eco Bear is a woman-owned, veteran-led, independent and local COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection company. In fact, we are equipped to address any type of biohazard remediation, including the cleanup and sanitization of any infectious disease as well as:

  • Crime scene cleanup
  • Suicide remediation
  • Odor remediation 
  • Rodent dropping cleaning
  • Unattended death cleaning
  • Mold inspection and remediation
  • Hoarder property cleanup
  • Homeless encampment cleanup
  • Biohazard remediation

The team at Eco Bear utilizes the latest technology, combined with highly effective tools, equipment, and medical-grade sanitization agents to thoroughly eradicate an infectious disease, including COVID-19. In addition, Eco Bear is committed to following the best practices protocol when it comes to safely remediating coronavirus contamination. This includes using appropriate personal protective equipment and ensuring people not part of our remediation crew are safely protected from exposure to any dangerous pathogens (COVID-19 among them) and the chemicals we use to remediate a biohazardous situation.

When we’ve completed our comprehensive remediation efforts, a business, church, restaurant, theater, residence, or any other location is restored to a truly safe fully usable condition. 

Essential Facts About COVID-19 Contamination

One of the overarching issues infused throughout the COVID-19 pandemic is a noticeable amount of confusion. Of course, because this is a novel virus, there is an element of “learning as we go” when it comes to understanding the essential facts about COVID-19. As so often happens with issues pertaining to public health in the 21st century, the manner of the COVID-19 pandemic has become something of a political football as well. 

With that said, Temecula residents need to focus on some basic, essential facts about COVID-19:

  • COVID-19 is a highly infectious virus, a fact which means it is easily transferrable from one person to another
  • COVID-19 is most commonly transferred from one person to another
  • COVID-19 can contaminate surfaces and objects, providing another means of infection
  • A high percentage of people infected with COVID-19 may never display any symptoms, perhaps as many as 25 percent of infected individuals are in this category
  • An asymptomatic person (an individual with COVID-19 that displays no symptoms) can still infect others
  • If a person is infected with COVID-19 and displays symptoms, the most common of these symptoms are:
    • Fever
    • Dry cough
    • Fatigue
    • Phlegm
    • Shortness of breath

There is some debate over how long COVID-19 can survive on surfaces and objects. What we do know is that it can live on surfaces and objects for periods of time sufficient to cause the infection of other people. 

Spot cleaning of surfaces and commonly used objects at a business, in a church, at a school, or in any other location in which the public accesses is vital. With that said, in the grand scheme of things, nothing is a substitute for routine professional COVID-19 cleaning and disinfection of premises, properties, and venues at which members of the public and others (vendors and the like) have regular access. 

Fair, Transparent Coronavirus Cleaning and Disinfection Pricing

If you’ve spent any time shopping around seeking professional assistance from a coronavirus cleaning and disinfection company, we’re sure you’ve come to realize a number of important points. Chief among them is the reality that the Eco Bear Temecula COVID-19 cleaning company charges a fee for service that is markedly less than the competition. In fact, nearly always the coronavirus cleaning and disinfection fee charged by our local, family-owned company is nearly always 50 percent less than the corporate competition. 

In addition, at Eco Bear, we are fully committed to cost transparency. We never charge additional or hidden fees for our comprehensive biohazard remediation services – ever. In fact, before we begin work on any Temecula coronavirus cleaning and sanitization job, we provide a full and reliable estimate for your professional services. You never pay a fee for our work until a project is completed fully to your satisfaction. 

Call us today at (818) 358-4359. We are here for you around the clock.