Temecula is a quintessential California city in Riverside County. Known for its beautiful weather, extensive residential and commercial offerings and happy people, Temecula is a great place to live and work. It is widely known as “the education community,” recognized for its world-class elementary and secondary school systems and five universities and college. In addition, Temecula has expansive areas of green space. The Temecula Arboretum is a 26-acre botanical garden with both native and exotic plants, and there are several other recreational parks around the area. In addition, Temecula is also within close proximity to several state beaches, which makes it the perfect spot for a weekend getaway. Temecula’s downtown area, fondly called Commonwealth Avenue, has seen increased development in recent years. Hundreds of local coffee shops, restaurants and entertainment hot spots have drawn visitors and locals alike to shop and enjoy the day. As of the 2010 census, Temecula had a population of 135,161, and this number continues to grow as more families and young professionals move into the area. Although Temecula is an extremely safe area, crimes still do occur. In 2019, a horrific crime occurred that shook both Temecula for months to come and the close-knit California State Temecula community. 

Murder of Steven Shek Keung Chan

In 2019, Steven Shek Keung Chan was working as a faculty member at California State Temecula. On August 19, Chan was stabbed multiple times in a parking lot south of College Park. Though life saving measures were attempted, Chan was pronounced dead at the scene. It was a particularly brutal crime scene, as Chan had been stabbed in his silver Infinity sedan ruthlessly. Later, Chuyen Vo was charged with the crime. He had been a coworker of Chan’s at the university, and it is still unknown what exactly motivated the crime, but it was clear that Chan had been targeted. 

Although Temecula has seen its overall crime rate drop in the past decade, crime can still happen to anyone and anywhere. This necessitates the services of a registered crime scene cleanup company with in-depth experience, proper training and sensitivity to operate in Temecula, CA.

A Crime Scene Defined

A crime scene can be located anywhere and take shape in many forms. But, a crime scene is most commonly referred to as a location where an offense has occurred and in need of investigation, A crime scene can take place in one room in a home, apartment or office building, or even be found on a public sidewalk or wooded area. Unfortunately, some crime scenes are never discovered due to their sheer remoteness. But, when a crime scene is discovered, law enforcement is required to block off the scene completely and limit public access to the area immediately. To this same extent, there is no set time duration outlining when a crime scene investigation will be completed or made visible to public view. Many people can wait days or months at a time to be let back into their residences if a crime occurred there, as they must wait for a coroners office or the local law enforcement agency to give them the go-ahead. Although complete investigation and evidence collection may delay the overall clean-up process, it is extremely important to let law enforcement do their job correctly and thoroughly. 

Cleaning up a Crime Scene

Using a professional crime scene cleanup company mitigates the traumatic need for a loved one’s family to undertake the difficult task themselves. It is a common misconception that, after finishing their investigation, law enforcement will also clean the crime scene and return it to its original state. This is not required by California law so, sadly, many families of the deceased get saddled with this burden and the healing process is almost impossible to begin. Family members may also be at a loss for where to begin, or have the proper safety tools to clean the area comprehensively. This is why a crime scene should only be cleaned by a professional company with the right tools, knowledge and sensitivity to get the job done. 

First, a crime scene cleanup company will determine what the right tools are to use. This could include, gloves and masks, and other personal protective equipment. The company will start with an initial cleaning. This takes care of all blood and any physical biohazard materials, which must be eliminated for the protection of all involved. Next, the company will enact sanitization, which includes using medical grade chemicals to kill any blood-borne bacteria that may be leftover. Deodorization will only occur in the case that the body had been left for several days. Lastly, the company will make every effort to return the area to a livable state through restoration. Because this process is so sensitive and traumatic for families, the professional company will always strive to act with care and sensitivity throughout the entire difficult process. 

How To Pay for a Crime Scene Cleanup

Unfortunately, cleaning up a crime scene is no small undertaking, and several costs may appear in the billing process. These depend on the type of crime and the extent of the crime scene. Some crime scenes may be spread over several different rooms, and may require stronger sanitization materials if any biohazard materials seeped into the furniture or upholstery. This can extend the time spent on crime scene cleanup. Many companies charge around $1000 to $2500 for one room. Eco Bear, in contrast, is committed to charging a reasonable, thorough crime scene cleanup at a discounted rate. Eco Bear charges $250 per technician, per hour. An extra charge of $200 for all red biohazard waste bins used is also applied.