Compulsive hoarding, also known as hoarding disorder, is a mental health condition that affects 2% to 5% of people. It’s characterized by an obsessive and compulsive need to acquire new items and accumulate them. Another aspect of hoarding disorder is the inability to get rid of items, even hazardous items such as spoiled food or biological waste. After years of compulsive hoarding, a person’s home may be filled with the accumulated belongings, trash and debris. There are many types of hoards, and every hoarding situation is different. At Eco Bear, we specialize in hoarder property cleaning in Temecula, CA. We provide affordable, efficient and professional hoarder property cleaning services for anyone who has hoarding disorder or needs to clear a hoarded property for any reason.

Types of Hoards We Clean

Each individual’s experience with hoarding disorder is different. Some people also have compulsive shopping disorder, and they accumulate a large amount of retail products in their homes. Other people may hoard information, such as books, magazines, newspaper and mail. Some hoarders began as collectors, while others may have inherited belongings from family members or friends who have passed away. Hoarding situations may also include accumulations of trash, biological waste or medical waste. In some cases, people hoard pets, or their other hoarded items cause an infestation of pests or vermin. At Eco Bear, we’re prepared to handle all of these types of hoards. Our expert cleaners use proper personal protective equipment to safely remove hoarded items and correctly dispose of them. We help many people with hoarding disorder, including those who:

  • Have long-term illnesses or disabilities
  • Are dealing with an injury or mobility issue
  • Have two or more hoarders in the household
  • Inherited a hoard or own a property hoarded by tenants
  • Feel overwhelmed or unable to clean the hoard themselves
  • Don’t know where to start or are afraid of cleaning the wrong way
  • Need the hoarded property cleaned in a hurry

Common Hoarding Situations We Handle

Hoarding disorder starts in different ways, and each situation is different. Some people display these tendencies while they’re children or teenagers. For others, a traumatic life event triggers the hoarding behavior. Mental illnesses and dementia may also play a role in hoarding in adults and the elderly. Our skilled cleaners at Eco Bear are prepared to handle any hoarder property situation in Temecula, including:

  • Hoards with pets, pests or vermin
  • Accumulated trash, medical waste or biological materials
  • Hazardous items, such as household chemicals
  • Tenants who hoarded a rental unit
  • Properties that are in violation of local building or health codes
  • Outdoor hoards, including vehicles, building materials and large items

Temecula Hoarder Property Cleaning Services

Our hoarder property cleaning company in Temecula offers a full array of services that are designed to completely clean and sanitize your property. We begin with an inspection, which allows us to understand the size of the hoard, what’s in it and which supplies and equipment we’ll need. We use this information to plan the logistics of the cleanup, such as how many dumpsters we’ll need and when to have them delivered and retrieved. We secure any required permits and communicate with code enforcement if your property is currently in violation of Temecula health and safety codes.

The process of cleaning a hoarded property in Temecula may take a few days to a week or longer. We’ll provide you with a start date, estimated timeline and price quote before we get started. You’re welcome to stay on site while we clean the hoarded property, but it’s not necessary for you to do so. If you-choose to be off-site, we’ll stay in contact with you throughout the cleaning process.

We work with you in order to customize your experience with us. If you’re certain that a special item is somewhere in the hoard, we’ll search for it and set it aside for you. If you want us to salvage any items and restore them, just let us know. We also coordinate with local recycling professionals, pest control firms and the Humane Society for hoards that include large amounts of recyclable materials, pests or pets.

How Our Hoarder Property Cleaning Company in Temecula Helps You

Hoarding affects every part of your life, as well as the lives of your family, friends and neighbors. When our Eco Bear cleaning team clears the hoard from your property, we help you:

  • Achieve a safe and sanitary living environment
  • Gain access to your kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities
  • Have space to safely move through your home
  • Give you room to enjoy your hobbies and guests
  • Ensure emergency medical personnel, firefighters and home repair specialists can gain entry as needed
  • Avoid court costs and penalties from code violations
  • Restore a positive relationship with neighbors, family and friends
  • Feel comfortable inviting family or friends into your home
  • Sell or lease your property
  • Improve your self-esteem and self-confidence

Reasons to Choose Eco Bear for Hoarder Property Cleaning Services

At Eco Bear, our cleaners have the necessary training and equipment to deal with hoards that include rotted food, pet or human waste, other biological matter and medical waste. We’re experienced in working with individuals, families, property owners and tenants. Our connections with local professionals and service providers mean that multiple issues can be taken care of at once or one after the other, which speeds up the process of restoring full functionality to your home and property. Our thorough cleaning services ensure that you’re in compliance with Temecula health and environmental codes. We treat each client like family, with compassion, respect and professionalism. Safety is our top priority, and we do everything possible to ensure that your home promotes good health and well-being.