According to a 2019 census of the homeless population in Temecula, CA, about 2,300 people were living in shelters. An unknown number of homeless people were living in encampments. The economic crisis related to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 has almost certainly increased the number of homeless people in Temecula. Homeless encampments in Temecula are sometimes discovered by social workers or law enforcement. Other times, they’re found by property owners or neighbors who notice a problem. At Eco Bear, we’re experts in homeless encampment cleaning in Temecula. Our skilled cleaners have the equipment and skills to fully clear the hoarded items, remove hazardous materials, sanitize the area and remediate the site into a clean, safe and sanitary condition.

Why Homeless Encampments on Private Property Are a Problem

Your safety is our top priority. The existence of a homeless encampment puts your safety and the safety of your neighbors at risk. Eco Bear handles homeless encampments on all types of private property. Whether you own an empty lot, residential or commercial property, your private property is yours. The presence of a homeless encampment could cause a liability issue if it’s on your business property. Your customers may not want to visit if they feel in danger. On a residential property, a homeless encampment could increase your risk of burglary and other property crimes. Homeless people are also difficult to conduct a background check or criminal records, so there’s no way for you to know if the people on your property have a criminal record. Homeless encampments often involve dangerous litter and waste. You shouldn’t attempt to clean these materials yourself. Doing so could put you at risk of serious bacterial or viral infections, including botulism, hepatitis B or C or HIV. You work hard to care for your property, and the mess of a homeless encampment detracts from your property’s appeal and value.

What Is in a Homeless Encampment

Homeless people aren’t just a nuisance. When they create an encampment, they accumulate large amounts of food, trash, soiled clothing and personal belongings. They may bring in large items, such as tents and shopping carts. Many homeless people have drug or alcohol problems. They may litter the encampment with used needles, illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, empty liquor bottles or beer cans and more. The lack of sanitation in a homeless encampment means that the residents may urinate or defecate on the ground. Blood, vomit and spit are also commonly found in homeless encampments. Since the homeless have no access to bathing facilities, the encampments and items in the area are often contaminated with fleas, lice, flies and other parasites. All of these are hazards to you and anyone who passes by the area. If you have pets, they could also be affected by these hazards.

Safety Is Our Top Priority

Homeless encampments typically have piles of human waste. Feces may contain bacteria, viruses and parasites that make you sick if they get on your skin or in your mouth or nose. The odors attract bugs and vermin to the area. Eco Bear’s skilled cleaners use full personal protective equipment (PPE) to remove human waste from the site of a homeless encampment on your property. Our PPE, professional-grade disinfectants and equipment allow us to safely get those biological materials off your property. Homeless encampments may also have biohazards, such as used needles, syringes or works. We safely collect, remove and dispose of those materials so that you and your visitors don’t experience an accidental injury. The encampments often include rotting food and other detritus that attracts vermin. We clear it out so that your property isn’t at risk of a rat, raccoon or other type of infestation.

What Eco Bear Does for You

Our thorough cleaning professionals handle every aspect of homeless encampment cleaning. We have a multi-step process. Our services begin with a site evaluation. We use the information to plan for which types of materials will need disposal, how much materials will need to be removed, where the items are at and how many cleaners we’ll need for the job. Our Temecula homeless encampment cleaning services include:

  • Mitigation of legal risk
  • Plan for safe removal of hazardous and infectious materials
  • Proper removal and disposal of all debris, including shelters
  • Complete decontamination of vomit, feces, urine, blood and body fluids
  • Removal of food and other non-infectious waste
  • Disinfection for MRSA, hepatitis viruses, C. diff, tuberculosis, HIV and more
  • Documenting the process for your legal and insurance needs
  • Clean the area for health and sanitation needs
  • Securing the area to prevent new encampment occurrence

Reasons to Choose Eco Bear for Homeless Encampment Cleaning Services

It’s not worth the risk of exposing yourself, your family or your employees to the hazards in a homeless encampment. An improper cleanup also puts you at a high liability risk if anybody experiences an injury or illness from the homeless encampment. We work with you and law enforcement. Once law enforcement has removed the homeless people from your property, we’re here to help you get rid of what’s left at the scene. Many homeless encampments are large. What you thought was a few people might actually turn out to be an encampment of dozens of individuals. We’re ready to clean out homeless encampments of any size. Some additional reasons why Eco Bear is the right choice for homeless encampment cleaning include:

  • Emergency cleanup services
  • Fast response time
  • Rapid project completion
  • Professionalism and attention to detail

We’re a licensed and bonded homeless encampment cleaning company serving home and business owners throughout Temecula. We work with landlords, property managers, owners and residents to keep their properties safe.