Life has changed as we know it since the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has taken hold of our lives. In Westminster, a suburb of Los Angeles, as of April 7, 2020, 14 people have already tested positive for the coronavirus, and more are expected as hundreds of sick people flock to a testing site located there. 

Despite efforts to contain it such as a shelter-in-place order and people donning masks, there has been a steady rise in cases seen in Orange County. To prevent the disease from spreading farther, drastic action needs to be taken. Everyone needs to do their part to help keep hospital systems from becoming overwhelmed, and from more lives being lost.

If someone in your family or business has tested positive for COVID-19, having the building professionally disinfected by a COVID-19 cleaning company is the best way to ensure the highly infectious disease does not spread even more rapidly.

The experts at Eco Bear have the skill and equipment to disinfect your property, and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to take care of your building.

What You Need to Know About COVID-19

COVID-19 is a new disease, information on it is still developing as scientists rush to learn as much as possible about it. We do know that the virus is highly contagious, and because the disease is new, almost no one has immunity to it yet. Only those who have caught the coronavirus and recovered are thought to be immune.

The virus is transmitted in a number of different ways, primarily through coming into close contact with a sick individual, or by touching contaminated surfaces. If a sick person coughs into their hands and then touches a doorknob or other surface, that surface is then contaminated.

The best way to avoid COVID-19 is to practice good social distancing measures, such as standing more than six feet apart from other people and to clean contaminated surfaces.

While it is up to you to practice the social distancing, Eco Bear can help take care of contaminated surfaces for you, if you suspect or know a sick person has contaminated your building.

When You Need to Hire a Professional

If someone in your home has been infected by the novel coronavirus, or a person who has visited your business has been confirmed to have COVID-19, the only way to be certain the virus is gone is through a COVID-19 mitigation specialist. While it’s possible you could clean the premises yourself, you could risk missing surfaces leading to the infections continuing to spread, or become infected yourself as you try to clean the property.

Eco Bear has experience in cleaning up biohazards, including how to remain safe themselves while completely eliminating the hazard. We have been the trusted clean up crew for crime scenes, suicides, as well as other types of infectious diseases such as MRSA and Staph infections.

We have the experience, top-quality equipment, and powerful cleaning agents to erase all traces of COVID-19 from your building.

If you have confirmed COVID-19 has contaminated your building, Eco Bear is available any time of day or night, and can provide you a cost-effective solution to keeping your friends, family, and employees safe.