Nestled in northern Orange County, Westminster has a population cresting 90,000, of which more than 40 percent are Vietnamese-Americans. Westminster has been graced with the moniker of being the capital of the ex-pat Vietnamese community. Little Saigon is a major shopping, dining, and retail district in the city.

Life is generally pleasant throughout Westminster, with residents enjoying the amenities of the community and tourists taking in the unique features of the city. As is the case throughout Southern California, on a recurring basis, there are instances in which locals and visitors to Westminster make the sad and ultimate decision to take their own lives. The suicide rate in the community is consistent with what is found elsewhere in California, and a bit lower than the U.S. average.

The Grim Reality of Suicide in Westminster

Suicide in Westminster is an obvious tragedy for the individual who takes his or her own life. But, the tragedy extends to those family members and other loved ones who are left behind. The trauma experienced by these survivors of suicide is magnified if they face the unimaginable task of addressing biohazard cleanup in Westminster following certain types of self-inflicted deaths.

The media has been replete with reports of people who have taken their lives in Westminster in violent matters that necessitate grueling and potentially hazardous biohazardous cleanup. As noted, there are instances in which year in which a visitor to the city takes his or her life. The case of the chief of police for Cerritos Community College illustrates the point.

The law enforcement officer traveled from Huntington Beach to Westminster and shot himself in a motel in the city. He died from his wounds. This type of scenario is relatively commonplace. The person who intends to end his or her life leaves his or her normal environs to save a loved one from having to discover the remains and from having to address the matter of cleaning up after the death.

The case of a Westminster murder-suicide illustrates the aftermath of both a suicide and a violent crime in a private residence. In this case, two adult children lived with their mother in Westminster. The ended up involved in some sort of heated argument, during which the man shot and killed his sister. He then turned the gun on himself and took his own life. The mother of the two individuals was home at the time and did call the police, who arrived at the house after the deaths occurred.

A mother bearing witness to the deaths of her children in this manner is likely to face traumatic grief and a life that will never be the same. These emotional realities are compounded by the grim reality that the responsibility for cleaning up after these horrific deaths rests in the hands of this bereaved mother. 

The Process of Biohazard Cleanup in Westminster

When certain situations happen in a residence in the community that results in death, biohazard cleanup in Westminster becomes a necessity. These include:

  • Murders
  • Suicides
  • Unattended deaths (bodies not found for some time after death)

Following a murder, suicide, or unattended death, the Westminster Police Department and the Orange County Coroner are dispatched to the scene. These officials conduct a thorough investigation of the scene to confirm the cause of death. (There are instances in which a murder can appear to be a suicide and vice versa.) What these officials do not do is assist in the biohazard cleanup process.

Embarking on a biohazard cleanup on our own following a traumatic death of a loved one is an unnecessary endeavor. You need not expose yourself to the added emotional trauma. You should not expose yourself to the risk of contact with biohazardous materials that can be found in blood and other bodily fluids. You can rely on the intervention and compassionate assistance of a biohazard remediation professional.

Professional Assistance in Westminster for Survivors of Traumatic Events

If you’ve suffered a traumatic event in your life, including the suicide or untimely (and even violent) death of a loved one, you need not bear your sorrows, depression, and anxiety alone. These professional therapists serving the needs of Westminster residents include:

New Hope Therapy Center
14501 Magnolia Street, Suite 104
Westminster, California 92683
(714) 891-0080

Thang Mike Huynh
14541 Brookhurst Street, Suite C11
Westminster, California 92683
(714) 489-5870

Moving Forward Psychological Institute, LLC
13950 Milton Avenue, Suite 301
Westminster, California 92683
(949) 558-2433

These mental health professionals can assist you in accessing individual therapy. In addition, they can aid you in finding a therapeutic group geared towards individuals who’ve lost loved ones by suicide or through some other traumatic means.

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