A violent crime is a life-changing event. When you or your family member are the victim of a violent crime in Westminster, CA, your energy should be focused on your physical and mental recovery. You shouldn’t have to deal with the burden of cleaning up the scene of the crime. Having to see and smell what’s left behind after a violent crime can be extremely upsetting to you or your family. Instead of dealing with the aftermath of a crime on your own, you can turn to our licensed and certified professional cleaners at Eco Bear. We’re the trusted providers of crime scene cleaning services in Westminster.

Why Crime Scenes Need Professional Cleaning

Crime scenes may contain disturbing materials left behind after a violent crime. Violent crimes include robbery, aggravated assault, rape, manslaughter and homicide. A common thread of these crimes is the application of force. When force is used against the human body, severe injuries can occur. The victim of a violent crime may bleed profusely. Bodily fluids, including spit, urine or feces may be left at the scene. In severe cases, tissue may be left on surfaces.

If these body fluids and tissues aren’t properly cleaned, they can lead to lasting damage to furnishings, flooring, drywall, wood, trim, cabinets, doors and more. The fluids seep into porous materials. This causes warping and staining. When bacteria break down the fluids and tissues, they release foul-smelling gases. Fatty acids are also released, and they can damage structural components of a home or building.

Blood, body fluids and tissue are also unwanted reminders of what took place at the scene. If a violent crime took place in your home, you don’t need to see the stains or smell the odors every time you walk through the space. Even if you sell the property, you won’t get many offers if it’s clear that something violent took place there.

Body fluids, blood and tissue also attract vermin. Cockroaches, ants, beetles, flies and other pests are attracted by the odors. They may feed or nest in the area if it’s not cleaned. Those pests will quickly spread throughout the property without professional cleaning services.

Types of Crime Scenes We Clean

We clean the aftermath of all types of violent crimes. If the crime took place in your home or the home of your family member in Westminster, you can count on us for thorough cleaning services. Some crime scenes are spread across several rooms or even the inside and outside of a home. We’ll clean the entire area.

We also clean crime scenes that have taken place in businesses. If a violent crime occurred in your privately owned business, we respond as quickly as possible. We know that the longer your business’ doors have to be closed, the more money you lose. We clean violent crimes in offices, warehouses, retail shops, parking lots, lobbies and other workplaces.

Common Crime Scene Scenarios We Handle

We handle all types of crime scene scenarios. Sometimes, the violent crime isn’t found for a few days. These situations are similar to undiscovered deaths. We use protocols established by the Centers for Disease Control and the Environmental Protection agency to completely clean, disinfect and remediate the area. Our cleaners handle violent crimes that involved stabbing, gunshots and other types of force. We clean all surfaces, including wood, metal, tile, stone, brick, concrete, asphalt, laminate, linoleum, drywall, ceilings and more.

How Our Crime Scene Cleaning Services Work

When a violent crime is discovered, law enforcement has the first right to handle and process the scene. Their investigation and evidence collection may take a few hours or up to a few days. If a specialist in forensics needs to be called in, the process could take a while. Once law enforcement releases the property back to your control, we can come in and clean the scene.

When you’re aware of a violent crime taking place on your property, you can call us. We’ll take your information and stay in contact with you. This allows us to arrive as quickly as possible. Once we have access to the crime scene, we inspect it and provide you with a timeline and price estimate.

We get started on the same day or the next day. Our cleaners are available day and night, weekdays and weekends, including holidays. Violent crimes don’t take a day off, and neither do we. You can count on us any time of the day or night, all year long.

What Eco Bear Can Do for Your Home or Business

Our crime scene cleaning process begins with removal of blood, body fluids and tissue. We use proper biohazard and medical waste disposal processes. Our cleaners wear personal protective equipment for safety. We set up security tape and screens or sheeting so that your privacy is maintained throughout every step of the cleaning process. 

We then disinfect all surfaces. We use hospital-grade cleaning agents that kill bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. Even if you know your or your family member’s health status, many crime scenes include the blood or body fluids of the perpetrator of the crime. 

The last step of our process is remediation. This includes using ozone or other methods to get rid of odors. We fully restore the area so that no traces of the crime are left behind. 

Why Eco Bear Is the Right Choice for Westminster Crime Scene Cleaning

Eco Bear is licensed and bonded in California for full crime scene cleaning and remediation. Our cleaners place safety as the top priority. The property will be clean, safe and free of hazards when we’re done. Our fast response time and attention to detail make us the right choice.