Hoarding disorder is a common mental health condition that affects between 2% and 5% of the population. If you, your partner or your loved one has hoarding disorder, you’re not alone. Research shows that cognitive behavioral therapy helps manage hoarding disorder and overcome the urge to hoard items. You may also need help cleaning your hoarded property in Wildomar, CA. At Eco Bear, our experienced cleaners offer excellent hoarder property cleaning services. Our professionalism, attention to detail and compassion make us the right choice for hoarder property cleaning services in Wildomar.

What Hoarding Disorder Is

Hoarding disorder, also called compulsive hoarding, is a behavior that compels a person to collect, accumulate and retain a large amount of items. Many of those items may have no use or value. They may even be trash or spoiled items, but the person with hoarding disorder isn’t able to make a decision on which items to get rid of. Although people with hoarding disorder tend to live alone, be middle-age and have some kind of trauma in their background, hoarding can affect anyone. People of all ages, income levels, educational backgrounds and professions may develop hoarding disorder. At Eco Bear, we’re ready to help you clear your property of the accumulated items so that your home is safe, accessible and functional.

Why Professional Cleaning Services Are Needed for Hoarder Properties

After years of hoarding items or pets, a home and property becomes full. Essential areas of a home may no longer be accessible. You or your loved one with hoarding disorder may be unable to use the kitchen for cooking, the bathroom for bathing or the laundry area for washing and drying clothing. This affects your health, safety and comfort. A hoarded home may become unsafe due to the piles of belongings. Items may be stacked up to the ceiling, putting you and your guests at risk of entrapment. Belongings piled on the floor are a slip-and-fall hazard. Large amounts of items blocking plumbing, electrical and heating and cooling systems may cause problems with the home’s structure. If a hoard becomes very large, its weight may cause structural problems in the home. Pet waste, rotting food or decomposing organic materials may attract pests, leading to a severe infestation of vermin. The pest droppings put you and your guests at risk of serious health conditions.

Clearing out the hoard from a home or property eliminates these risks. We restore full access to plumbing fixtures, outlets, appliances and mechanical systems, allowing you to use them as they’re intended. Restoration of access to all parts of your home also allows repair technicians, pest control professionals and emergency medical technicians to access your property when necessary. Some hoards are so severe that the property incurs fines, and you may be at risk of criminal penalties. We clean up the hoard so that you don’t have to deal with those serious consequences of a hoarded property. Clearing the property may also help you mend relationships with your neighbors, friends and family.

About Eco Bear Hoarder Property Cleaning Services in Wildomar

Our Wildomar hoarder property cleaning services begin with an initial evaluation and inspection of the home and yard. If there are any detached buildings, such as a garage, workshop or shed, we also inspect them. Once we understand the type of hoard, its volume and where it’s located, we’re able to provide you with a timeline and estimate for the hoarder property cleaning services.

A small hoard, such as a one-bedroom apartment, may only take one or two days for us to clean. A large home with a garage, basement, attic, barn, and front and back yards may take a week for us to fully clear. You can trust us to work as efficiently as possible. We’ve built a solid reputation for professionalism, and we maintain excellent relationships with local waste haulers, recycling centers, pest control companies and the Humane Society. This allows us to properly dispose of the hoarded items, safely eliminate pest infestations, get essential veterinary care for pets living in hoarding situations and clean the home. 

Our expert team of cleaners schedules the delivery of dumpsters and secures any necessary permits for the cleaning and remediation process. If we find salvageable items, we store them while cleaning the rest of the property. We then clean the salvageable items and return them to you. During the clean-up process, you’re welcome to be on the property, but you don’t have to be. If you’re elsewhere, we’ll stay in contact with you and provide you with updates. 

Who Benefits From Our Hoarder Property Cleaning

We understand that hoarding disorder affects relationships, health, safety and more. Trying to clear out a hoarded home and property on your own is physically and mentally overwhelming. For a very large hoard or a hoard with mold, pests, medical waste, biological waste, pets or hazardous items, it may be impossible for an individual to do. That’s why Eco Bear is here for you. Everyone with hoarding disorder benefits from our services. We help all types of people, including those with:

  • Chronic health problems or disabilities
  • Trouble making decisions
  • Perfectionists or fear of cleaning the wrong way
  • Feelings of overwhelm
  • Fear of getting started
  • Fear of throwing away something they might want later
  • Inherited hoards
  • Desire to sell the property
  • Inability to care for the home or property

Reasons to Choose Eco Bear for Wildomar Hoarder Property Cleaning Services

Our experienced professionals treat you and your family with respect. If you’re under time constraints due to code violations or a need to clear and sell the property, we work as quickly as possible to clear the hoard. Our locally-owned and operated hoarder property cleaning company has high ethical standards and works to maintain your trust.