If you find yourself with a serious biohazardous situation at your residence or business you undoubtedly have some questions. These likely include:

  • What is a biohazard?
  • What are the common types of biohazardous situations people face in their homes?
  • What is biohazard remediation?
  • How can I go about finding a reputable biohazard cleaning company in Baker, California?

This piece is designed to assist you in dealing with a biohazardous situation in your residence.

What Is a Biohazard?

In basic terms, a biohazard is some type of biological substance that by its nature is capable of causing a person illness, potentially even a fatal illness. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, biohazardous substances typically are classified in one of four different categories:

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses
  • Other microorganisms
  • Toxins

What Are Common Types of Biohazardous Situations People Face in Their Homes?

There are certain types of biohazardous situations that tend to arise or exist in a residential setting more than others. These include:

What Is Biohazard Remediation?

Biohazard Remediation, or biohazard cleaning, is a comprehensive process. Biohazard cleaning is designed to restore a contaminated premise to a fully usable condition. The process begins with a thorough cleaning or scrubbing of the contaminated area. As part of this process, any remaining biological matter is removed from the area and placed into an approved biowaste container. In addition to actual biological matter (blood, bodily fluids, rodent droppings, sewage, and so forth) there are likely to be objects that cannot be cleaned. For example, a blood-saturated mattress or sofa cushions usually cannot be cleaned. Thus, such objects will also be disposed of. When the removal process is completed, the biowaste containers are transported to an appropriately certified biohazardous waste disposal center

Following the cleaning and removal process, a contaminated area is then subjected to sanitization. Sanitization involves the application of hospital-grade sanitizing agents that are designed to eradicate dangerous pathogens like viruses or bacteria. This is the step that restores the premises to a safe condition.

Once the cleaning, removal, and sanitization phases are completed, the next step in comprehensive biohazard remediation is deodorization. The stark reality is that many biohazardous scenes are accompanied by foul odor. The level of odor that can be at the location of a biohazard can be overwhelming. For example, if a biohazardous scene arises from an unattended death (or undiscovered death) the stench can be pervasive and sickening. The same holds true if a biohazardous scene arose from an issue with raw sewage. A professional biohazard cleaner will utilize commercial-grade deodorization products and specialized equipment that is designed to fully eliminate any odor associated with a biohazardous scene.

The entire cleaning process is undertaken with a sharp focus on safety. A biohazard can have the potential to result in a person becoming infected with a dangerous bacterium or virus. This can occur through any kind of direct contact with a biohazardous substance. However, in some cases, an infection can also occur through the inhalation of bacteria or viruses that have become airborne for one reason or another. (Dried rodent droppings are an example of biomatter that can become airborne, carrying harmful bacteria along with the dust from these feces.)

How Can I Go About Finding a Reputable Biohazard Cleaning Company in Baker, California?

You should give serious consideration to focusing your search for biohazard remediation assistance on a local cleaning company. By going local, including with an experienced family owned biohazard cleaning company, you literally are engaging a neighbor who is far more likely to be dedicated to your particular needs than is the case with a large, distant corporation or franchise system.

You will want to fully flesh out all aspects of the cost when it comes to hiring a biohazard cleaning company. A reputable company will provide a reliable and firm estimate of what a job will cost. On a related note, an experienced company will issue a bill for services when a job is completed and you have had the opportunity to inspect the work done at your residence. You will also want to find out if your homeowner’s insurance company covers some costs associated with biohazard cleanup. If that is the case, you will want to employ a cleaning company that accepts insurance and will assist you in pursuing a claim.

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