When asked to comment about rodent droppings, the typical “person on the street” will say something to the effect of “gross.” And rodent droppings are gross. But they are so much more. rodent droppings present a serious and even deadly health risk. Moreover, this type of insidious waste dries fast and crumbles easily, allowing waste from rats, mice, and other varmints to become airborne. Aerosolized rodent feces can contain disease-causing pathogens, including the potentially deadly hantavirus which the potential for causing a nearly always lung condition. Call our veteran-led rodent cleanup services company.

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How Long Does It Take for You to Know If You Have Hantavirus?

Hantavirus is a fairly recently recognized pathogen in the United States. Infection with the hantavirus can have devastating and even fatal consequences. Recognizing the early symptoms of hantavirus infection is crucial in order to heighten the chance of survival from an infection. What Is Hantavirus? Hantavirus technically is defined as “single-stranded, enveloped, negative-sense RNA viruses…