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The Wintertime Invasion: Cold Weather Brings a Rodent Invasion

In the United States, wintertime means the start of what oftentimes proves to be a challenging rodent invasion in homes and businesses. Every winter, an estimated 21 million homes and untold millions of businesses face rodent infestation as the weather chills. We present you with some essential information about this troublesome wintertime invasion. Types of…

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Comprehensive Guide to the Benefits and Resources Offered by the California Victim Compensation Board

The California Victim Compensation Board provides an array of resources and compensation for victims of crime. In addition, the Board also provides financial assistance and other resources to family members of individuals who are the victims of certain crimes. This comprehensive guide is designed to provide you essential information about the California Victim Compensation Board.…

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A Look at Natural Rat Deterrents

You undoubtedly want to prevent an infestation of rodents in your home rather than eradicate one after the fact. Rats are likely particularly objectionable to you. Understanding this reality, you may wonder what natural rat deterrents exist that can aid you in preventing an infestation in the first instance. The most commonly utilized natural rat…

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Overview of a Mouse Home Infestation

One of the more trying experiences you can face in regards to your residence is the plight of a mouse infestation. In addition to being highly challenging to remediate, a mouse home infestation presents a health hazard to you and your family. Through this article, you are presented with a comprehensive overview of mouse home infestation.…

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Rat Mites Versus Bed Bugs: Understanding the Differences Between These Two Horrible Parasites

Rats carry serious, known viruses like hantavirus. In addition, researchers have identified an additional 18 unknown viruses among rat populations in large cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago. What is known is that a species of mites live on rats, in Los Angeles, across Southern California, and from coast to coast in the…


Overview of a Rat Infestation

A frustrating and potentially dangerous situation is a rat infestation. A rat infestation can result in damage to your home or business, can negatively impact the overall livability or usability of a property, and can present a very real, profound health threat to your family and those who patronize your business. As a consequence, it…


The Great Smoke Out: Do Rodent Smoke Bombs Really Work?

One product on the market designed to assist in addressing a mouse or rat infestation in a home, business, or other location is the smoke bomb. Three questions arise in regard to this rodent control product: What are rodent smoke bombs? Do rodent smoke bombs work? Are rodent smoke bombs safe? What Are Rodent Smoke…


The Dilemma of Mice Under Your House

As a homeowner, odds are strong that the day may come when you must deal with a mice problem at your residence. Unfortunately, in Southern California and across the United States, mice infestation represents one of the most common types of problems homeowners confront at least one time in their lives. For some people, issues…

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Primary Signs You Have a Mouse Infestation in Your Home

A problem that virtually everyone will face at some point during their lifetimes is house mouse infestation. Mice are ubiquitous creatures that are found virtually everywhere in the United States. The key to preventing more significant issues arising from mice in a residence is to deal with a mouse early on. At the heart of…

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Keeping an Office a Rodent Free Zone

Mouse problems are not limited to residential properties. The reality is that offices and other types of workplaces can face the prospect of a rodent infestation. Understanding that this possibility exists, there are some important proactive strategies that you will seriously want to consider implementing to keep your office (or other workplaces) a rodent-free zone.…


Where Do Roof Rats Live? Understanding the Habitat Preferences of the Rattus Murinae

Quite like many people, you when you think of rats, you think of… rats. By that, it is meant you may not realize that from a biological standpoint there is an array of different types of rats. Among the rat genus, there are many different subfamilies, this includes one known as Rattus Murinae. This type…


What Protects Against Fleas That Spread Typhus?

In recent times, fleas that carry bacteria that cause typhus have been found in some communities in Southern California. As a result, protecting against these types of fleas has become imperative. Two primary strategies are involved in protecting against typhus-carrying fleas. First, tactics exist to repel these fleas from making contact with humans and pets.…


The Smell of Death: Six Common Human Decomposition Odors

Few people would argue that noting smells as foul as a decomposing body. During the human decomposition process, dozens of different types of gases are released. Eight of these gases primarily contribute to the horrible stench that oftentimes is called the “smell of death.” The primary odors that make up the stench associated with a…

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What Is Considered a Suspicious Death?

The basic definition of “suspicious death” is a death that is unexpected and its circumstances are legally or medically unexplained. Different types of investigations are undertaken in the aftermath of a suspicious death to attempt to reach a firm conclusion as to what happened. Different types of professionals might be involved in such an investigation,…


Treating an MRSA Infection

A Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus or MRSA infection is of staph bacteria. In the case of MRSA, the bacteria causing infection has become resistant to many of the antibiotics traditionally used to treat a staph infection. At this time, a majority of MRSA infections occur in hospitals, nursing homes, and similar types of facilities. With that…