hantavirus test

How Long Does It Take for You to Know If You Have Hantavirus?

Hantavirus is a fairly recently recognized pathogen in the United States. Infection with the hantavirus can have devastating and even fatal consequences. Recognizing the early symptoms of hantavirus infection is crucial in order to heighten the chance of survival from an infection. What Is Hantavirus? Hantavirus technically is defined as “single-stranded, enveloped, negative-sense RNA viruses…

homeless man sitting next to a grocery cart filled with his possessions

Basic Facts About Homelessness

The homelessness crisis in Los Angeles is described as a national disgrace. The Los Angeles Times has described what historically had been center stage of homelessness in the city: There are few sights in the world like nighttime in skid row, the teeming Dickensian dystopia in downtown Los Angeles where homeless and destitute people have…

black biohazard symbol on red background

What Is the Origin of the Biohazard Symbol?

Biohazards, also known as biological hazards, are biological substances that pose a health hazard to humans, animals, and the environment more generally. Biohazardous pathogens include: Viruses Bacteria Other microorganisms Toxins derived from a biological source A warning sign, the standard biohazard symbol, was designed and adapted to warn about the existence of biological hazards. The…


Understanding Attended and Unattended Death in Society

The Greek philosopher Diogenes is credited with proclaiming “we come into the world alone and we die alone.” In the end, he was trying to make a point about self-sufficiency. In considering death, there are situations in which a person passes on alone, suffers an unattended death. On the other hand, there are more occasions…


Interview With the Team at AAA T.L.C. Home Care: Absolutely Always Amazing Tender Loving Care

There are over 13,000 home care agencies in operation in the United States, according to data maintained by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC reports that of individuals over the age of 65, more than 70 percent will require some type of supportive care. Agencies like AAA T.L.C. provide a broad…


Harbor Gateway North Neighborhood Council Chair Pamela Thornton Discusses Community Activism for a Better Los Angeles

The Harbor Gateway North Neighborhood Council is a group of elected, volunteer stakeholders that work as a body for improvement of the Harbor Gateway North neighborhood. The activities of the Council are funded by the City of Los Angeles through the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment. Updates on the activities of the Harbor Gateway North Neighborhood…


How Many Unattended Deaths Occur in Los Angeles

An unattended death occurs when an individual dies the remains are not discovered for days, weeks, or even longer. An unattended death typically occurs when a person lives alone and lacks family members or friends who regularly check on that individual’s wellbeing. Common Types of Unattended Deaths in Los Angeles The most common types of…

biohazardous waste disposal facility

Where Does Biohazardous Waste Go?

The primary means of disposing of biohazardous material has been incineration. Prior to 1997, 90 percent of all biohazardous waste was incinerated. It was in that year that the Environmental Protection Agency issued the Hospital Medical Waste Incinerator standards. These standards started a shift away from the incineration of biohazardous waste to other methodologies, principally…


Scholarships, Grants, and Financial Aid for Victims of Crime

California was the first state in the country to provide compensation for victims of crime. California commenced providing compensation to victims of crime, as well as victim-survivors of crime, beginning in 1965. Following California’s lead, by 1972 eight more states were providing compensation to victims of crime. There are some academic scholarships available to Californians…

crime scene cleaning California

Who Cleans up Crime Scenes?

The term “crime scene cleanup” is applied to addressing the aftermath of a violent crime. Following a violent crime, the cleanup or remediation of potentially hazardous substances like blood, bodily fluids, and other types of biological and infectious materials must be addressed. Misconceptions exist about who is responsible for crime scene cleanup. Many people presume…

OSHA California biohazard cleanup requirements

OSHA And California Emergency Response Plan Regulations For Biohazard Cleaning On A Construction Site

The Occupational Health and Safety Association or OSHA is a federal agency in charge of determining worker safety regulations and guidelines. Part of the guidelines that OSHA have put in place is for construction site cleanup procedures by companies after an accidental death has occurred due to hazardous waste accidents or unforeseen circumstances on the…


Infographic – Fentanyl Use And Lab Data

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Your Rights In A Wrongful Death Case When A Loved One Is Murdered

The Federal Bureau of Investigation reported in 2015 that about 15,700 were murdered in the United States. Some of the perpetrators of these horrific crimes were identified, arrested, and prosecuted. However, not all of the individuals responsible for taking these lives were arrested in the first instance. In addition, even among those men and women responsible for…